Affordable Wildlife Control Services

Animal Control Inspection

Our professionally trained wildlife consultant can identify the wildlife species and advise property owners on how to secure the hard to reach access points that raccoons have been entering. They'll also advise residents about our humane practices and suggest a tailored plan to prevent future animal problems and minimize property damage from wildlife infestations.

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Urban Wildlife Prevention

Wildlife prevention for a house involves various strategies and measures to keep unwanted wildlife from entering and causing damage to a residential property. These pest control services involve wildlife proofing and exclusion techniques that are a permanent solution, preventing further wildlife intrusions, leaky roof vents, damaged insulation and possible structural damage.

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Professional Wildlife Technician

Our humane wildlife control services have a written money back guarantee to keep animals out of areas we have animal-proofed. Our experienced animal control team with thousands of animal removal cases under their belt will insure humane wildlife removal methods and professional wildlife exclusion techniques to block all entry points, preventing re entry and further property damage.

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Emergency Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife Emergencies For Wildlife Intrusion In The Living Space Of Your Home.

Squirrel Removal Solutions

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Bird Removal Solutions

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Raccoon Removal Solutions

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Wildlife Control Service Toronto

With global wildlife populations facing unprecedented challenges due to human activity and climate change, we offer compassionate and safe wildlife solutions in Toronto, Ontario. We ensure your property’s security while contributing to the conservation efforts of Toronto’s precious wildlife.

Wildlife Intrusion? We Have Wildlife Solutions For That

What to Expect from Our Squirrel and Raccoon Removal Services

Help us understand your wildlife removal needs by contacting our customer service. With service in the Greater Toronto Area, our wildlife professionals have effective solutions for getting rid of unwanted wild animals like raccoons, skunks and squirrels.

Our expert wildlife control team has years of experience and can provide quick nuisance animal services from North York, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, to Stoney Creek. Call us now if you suspect a wild animal infestation on your property.

If you have never had wildlife conflicts at your residential or commercial property, don’t panic; this is a common issue for Ontario residents in urban environments. When raccoons and squirrels need shelter from rain and winter weather or to have babies, your unprotected roof is a great option, with many potential entry points for them to target.

Unsurprisingly, attic spaces make the perfect nesting area for urban wildlife due to human encroachment and the limited natural habitat den sites wild animals can choose from throughout Toronto’s ravines, parks, and green spaces.

We know you won’t be familiar with the animal removal process when you call us, so we will take the time to walk you through the steps so you know what to expect when we arrive onsite to start the job.

Remember, land use by humans involves modification of the natural environment, which inadvertently disturbs the natural wilderness of local wildlife populations.

This 1,000-year-old practice will not change and will continue to shrink wildlife habitats, so we all need to support conservation work and try to be patient and compassionate for the well-being of “nuisance animals” on our properties.

That being said, some animal removal cases are indeed wildlife removal emergencies, and hazards to human health associated with pest infestations are real issues, so timing, compassion, and personal well-being are all factors wildlife removal companies should consider.

Wildlife Control

Toronto & Mississauga Wildlife Solutions

Wildlife Control Services in Mississauga – We humanely remove baby raccoons from attics.

Our Humane Wildlife Removal Services Start With A Property Inspection from a Highly Trained Wildlife Consultant

  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Utilizing environmentally responsible methods in wildlife control.
  • Professional Grade Tools and Equipment: Access to the best tools in the wildlife trade, utilizing specialized wildlife products for controlling wild animals.
  • Peace of Mind: Providing assurance and comfort to clients through professional service​​.
  • Discrete Pest Services: Ensuring privacy and discretion during wildlife removal operations.
  • Regular Follow-Ups: We provide wildlife removal and post-removal follow-up services.
  • Integrated Pest Management: Comprehensive pest control services for long-term success.
  • Customer Support and Communication: Dedicated customer service for queries like when to call Toronto Animal Services for assistance.
  • Seasonal Wildlife Control: Specialized services to address seasonal wildlife issues for local animal species.
  • Service in Durham Region: Call Our Friendly Wildlife Consultant For Details.
  • Insulation Repair and Replacement: Addressing damages to insulation caused by wildlife.
  • Chimney Cap Installation: Preventative devices like chimney caps are installed to deter wildlife entry.
  • Roof and Soffit Repairs: Repairing common entry points for wildlife in roofs and soffits.
  • Garden and Yard Fortification: Enhancing outdoor spaces to discourage wildlife habitation.
  • Trash Management Solutions: Advising on proper trash management to reduce wildlife attraction.
  • Comprehensive Wildlife Exclusion: Implementing a strategic action plan to keep wildlife problems out of the attic.
  • Warranty on Services: Offering warranties on work performed for added assurance.
  • Poisinless Pest Control Service: Eliminate health concerns associated with pests by using exclusion pest removal methods for rats and mice removal.
  • Wildlife Habitat Modification: Alteration of property techniques that eliminate food and cover can deter local wildlife.

Wildlife Removal Brampton - Affordable Bat Removal Services
Wildlife Removal – Emergency Bat Removal Services

  • Cost-Effective Wildlife Control Service: Hiring a professional wildlife control company can save money in the long run compared to the DIY method​​.
  • Efficient Removal Services: Quick and efficient removal of wildlife, minimizing disruption to your daily life​​.
  • Safe and Humane Methods: Humane raccoon and squirrel removal services ensure the safety and well-being of animals and humans during removal​​.
  • Expertise in Brampton Wildlife Control: Understanding of various wildlife behaviours for effective removal across Brampton neighbourhoods.
  • Thorough Inspection and Assessment: Comprehensive evaluation of wildlife issues to provide targeted solutions​​.
  • Stop Future Infestations: Implementing the best animal proofing measures in the wildlife industry.
  • Environmentally Friendly: No chemicals pest control services. Rodent control using chaulking.
  • Safety for Residents: Reducing health and safety risks associated with wildlife invasion​​.
  • Decontamination: Racacoon droppings pose a health threat to humans and should be removed from high-traffic areas to avoid health risks associated with cross-contamination.
  • Local Wildlife Knowledge: Familiarity with Toronto’s specific wildlife habits and breeding cycles. 22 Years of Experience
  • Compliance with Local Laws: Ensuring adherence to Toronto’s wildlife control regulations.
  • Damage Assessment and Repair: Evaluating and repairing damage caused by wildlife.
  • Customized Wildlife Control Plans: Tailored solutions for each unique wildlife problem.
  • Emergency Services: Availability for urgent wildlife removal emergencies.
  • Long-Term Monitoring: Providing ongoing monitoring services for lasting results.
  • Educational Resources: Offering advice and education on wildlife prevention.
  • Many Animals Handled: Expertise in controlling wildlife populations at homes and businesses throughout Ontario.
  • Emergency Wildlife Service: This is a priority service for situations where human safety is a factor, and quick capture is required, such as bat removal from the living room.
  • Money Back Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Wildlife Control Caledon
Wildlife Removal, Raccoon Removal, Skunk Removal and Squirrel Removal Caledon.
Opossum Removal Solutions
Opossum Removal | Opossum Removal Solutions for commercial property. Opossums are originally from further south than Canada. The Virginia opossum, the only species native to the United States and Canada, originated in Central America and migrated northward into the U.S.A several thousand years ago.

Our Wildlife Pest Control Process

Our animal control technicians will start by climbing on the roof with ladders to find the hole while also checking other areas. They’ll also take photos when we identify where the unwanted pests are getting inside the attic and other damage made by wildlife so you can easily visualize the problem. A picture is worth a thousand words when describing raccoon damage on parts of your roof you may have never seen or heard of before.

After the evaluation, a tailored removal process specific to your wildlife removal needs is recommended. From basic prevention to maximum animal proofing, our professional service provider can put their experience to work and assure that all animals will be humanely removed using a one way door and steps will be taken to keep them out of protected areas. This technique secures your property from further animal invasions for years to come to ensure complete satisfaction.

Contact us for a free quote for our wildlife control services!

Wildlife Removal

Humane Removal of Raccoons and Squirrels From the Attic.


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