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AAA Affordable Wildlife Control


 Call AAA Affordable Wildlife Control – Humane Removal of Squirrels, Skunks, Raccoons & Birds – All Animal Prevention Screening Come With A Written Guarantee To Keep Wildlife Out.

Under Canadian Law, wildlife control companies are required to use humane methods when removing & controlling any protected animals on private & residential properties. AAA Affordable Wildlife Control rigorously follows legal guidelines.

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How Much Does Squirrel & Raccoon Removal Toronto Cost

Whether you’re in North York, Toronto, Brampton, Pickering, Scarborough or Markham our trained animal removal operators will be able to solve your pest infestation issues without causing distress to the wildlife.

Friendly Wildlife Control & Management Near You! Located In North York

Our Affordable Wildlife Control experts specialize in the removal of pigeons, skunks & squirrels from North York properties and we do it for a lower cost than other wildlife removal companies in the Greater Toronto Area.

Wildlife Removal Toronto Reviews

by Sunder Krishnan on AAA Affordable Wildlife Control

Blair was courteous, knowledgeable,unhurried, competent and reassuring. Id be happy...

Very kind words Sunder. BTW Nice job on adding your own prevention around you deck first. It was smart and humane to leave the entry hole the raccoons were entering from open for me to install my one-way door. I know a lot of work went into that. Thanks for taking the humane approach. Blair AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews

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Best Wildlife Control & Wildlife Removal Company Tips The Best Wildlife Removal Companies Give Customers Options

Being the best wildlife control company means being able to walk away from a job knowing you solved the problem and confident you’ll be around to do follow up service for the same customers if they have another problem.

Do customers want to pay the absolute highest price for a service?

Some wildlife removal companies are definitely the best at charging the most money per house call.

We have a balance of High Quality & Affordable Wildlife Control

Don’t put off having wildlife like skunks & squirrels removed from your deck, chimney or attic. Toronto wildlife is cute but you’ll regret not having them removed if water damage, electrical or structural damage occurs.


 AAA Affordable Wildlife Control offers a reliable animal removal & management service that can respond to any pest infestation situation.

Have squirrels chewed holes in your roof vent? The replacement of all other vents to metal vents is not going to work and is a waste of money.  Our staff can install a one-way door and animal proof screening, blocking them from getting back in.

Using our experience, we can ensure that your home is protected against wildlife damage.

Toronto homeowners choose Affordable Wildlife Control for our mastery of humane animal removal!

Wildlife such as pigeons & squirrels can cause serious property damage, both to the interior of your home and the external structure. They can rip through roof shingles and gnaw at wires, vents, and gutters. Then there is the smell and health risk posed by raccoon droppings and squirrel urine, as well as the slight risk of contracting diseases like rabies or raccoon roundworm. Ever wonder why some wildlife removal companies charge a lot more for their services in Toronto? $100 to $150 more for the same basic wildlife removal?


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Wildlife Control – Squirrel Removal Markham

  Animal Removal Service For Less Than Other Wildlife Control Companies In Toronto

  • We’re not striving to be the biggest animal removal company in Toronto, Ontario. We don’t need to see ourselves at the very top of Google ADS to get customers.
  • We keep a smaller staff who are not under huge pressure to up-sell every customer. When necessary we know how to install the extra prevention screening at all the right spots on your house to keep animals out.
  • When you call AAA Affordable Wildlife Control, you can talk to someone who has years of experience in the wildlife control and management industry. If there is ever a problem with the screening we install, the same technician will be sent back to your property to fix it.
Wildlife Control Toronto, Wildlife Removal Toronto, Animal Removal Toronto, Affordable Wildlife Control
Wildlife Removal Toronto, AAA Affordable Wildlife Control

The Tools We Use For Affordable Wildlife Control In Toronto

  • At AAA Affordable Wildlife Control we have a wide choice of tools at our disposal for removing animals
  • One of our affordable wildlife removal specialties is seasonal raccoon baby removal. We know the ins and outs of the raccoon breeding and nesting cycle, and we will make sure that all of the raccoons in your attic or under your deck are removed without separating babies from their mother.
  • Separation of kits and mothers can result in the mother creating a lot more damage.
  • Between March and July, we will find a way to remove the entire raccoon family, relocating them to the exterior of your home – as Canadian law requires.
  • Raccoons are seasonal creatures, and we know where they are likely to hunt for shelter when the winter cold arrives. We can secure the property and make sure animals can’t break in.
  • We use one-way doors because we know that a trapped raccoon can cause much more damage, as well as stress for the property owner and the animal itself.Our wildlife removal technicians come equipped with the safety tools that they need for raccoon removal in Toronto – including animal handling gloves. If raccoons have become trapped, we can handle them safely and remove them from your home.
  • We also use steel screening that comes fitted with one-way doors. When animals leave, spring-loaded doors shut immediately behind them, making re-entry impossible.

Book An Affordable Wildlife Control Inspection & Start the Squirrel & Raccoon Removal Process

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control knows that every property is different and that every bat, Squirrel & raccoon infestation could require a different approach. That’s why we offer affordable home inspections for customers. It’s not a free wildlife inspection folks. Companies show up for free inspections will charge a lot more to do the work to compensate.

Just trapping and removing raccoons and other North York wildlife is a short-term solution to nuisance wildlife problems. Our home inspections can advise property owners about how to secure any entry points that raccoons have been using.  Our wildlife removal experts can also educate residents about how to prevent future wildlife infestations.

Experienced & Affordable Wildlife Control Inspectors & Installers

We recommend booking a home inspection for nuisance wildlife removal management. Don’t rely on roofers or carpenters for raccoon and squirrel removal. Your costs could go up substantially if you then have to pay a wildlife control company to fix the problem.

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Toronto also offers specialized equipment to exclude wildlife from your home. Animal-proof screens are an effective way to deny raccoons access without causing them harm. We use steel mesh at strategic points like roof air vents and eaves/fascia to strengthen your home’s protection.

Technical solutions are no use without behavioural change. We can’t t force Toronto residents to act in a way that minimizes the danger of wildlife infestation. We advise about how to deny raccoons & squirrels access to food sources by properly securing waste bins and placing metal mesh over compost heaps.

Our affordable wildlife control Toronto services come with a written guarantee to keep animals out of areas we have screened.

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