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 by Dee Dee Eustace on AAA Affordable Wildlife Control

Blair was amazing. He came and was able to remove the wasp nest that was 3 floors up attached to the building. I highly recommend them for anything you need.

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What Is Wildlife Management?

We’re a full-service, humane wildlife control company, and our nuisance wildlife removal operators specialize in removing problem animals from residential properties. The great news is we do it for a lower cost than other wildlife removal companies in the Greater Toronto Area.

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control is a great choice for wildlife removal because you get high-quality workmanship from experienced animal control professionals. Furthermore, you can be confident that you’re getting an industry-best warranty on the work installed, all without being charged the highest industry prices for your wildlife problems.

Another reason to hire affordable wildlife removal is that under Canadian law, people must use humane methods when removing any protected wild animal from private & residential properties. Our professional team follows these local laws and legal wildlife removal guidelines. Animal control officers mainly deal with domestic animals and should be contacted for dog and stray cat problems.

Our animal removal professionals service the Greater Toronto Area, so call us to solve the critter problem in your attic and get a great deal.

Wildlife Issues Can Be Resolved The Next Day After A Service Call.

Our Toronto raccoon removal experts install one-way doors for quick eviction and secure the roof vents to prevent further damage and entry.

Our Toronto squirrel removal experts know how to keep costs low on a large job, like when you have red squirrels in the attic. We offer a complete solution by blocking all potential wildlife entry areas first.

Our Toronto bat removal experts know how to handle a bat problem in the attic. Still, professional solutions can be costly due to the high amount of vulnerable areas that need blocking and the health risks associated with unsanitary conditions left behind by bats.

Most people don’t want to pay the highest price for a service, no matter what it is. Some wildlife control companies charge significantly more money per house call, so it’s best to shop around to get free over-the-phone pricing for basic and full prevention jobs. A good customer service representative will know the common pests people call about and the average cost for basic wildlife control based on experience.

Discover the Vital Role of Toronto Animal Services

Maintain order and protect our furry friends – that’s the mission of Animal Control in both urban and rural areas.

Their dedicated Animal Control Officers are committed to enforcing laws against animal cruelty, neglect, and abandonment.

They work tirelessly to ensure that local shelters and wildlife control services operate in accordance with the highest standards and guidelines.

If you spot a stray animal in need, our officers are ready to safely pick them up and bring them to a suitable shelter.

By paying licensing fees, you’re not only helping fund our essential animal control programs, but also ensuring that pet owners fulfill their duty to keep their animals vaccinated and well-cared for.

Concerned about an animal’s well-being or dealing with a nuisance cat? Call the humane society today for assistance.

Need to Contact Animal Services? We’ve Got You Covered!

Animal Services takes care of animal welfare, while also ensuring public safety and health. Their main focus is to keep the streets safe from aggressive wild animals, such as sick raccoons.

In order to prevent the spread of disease, sick or dead raccoons are usually euthanized. However, if the raccoon poses no threat, animal control may choose to cremate it instead.

Rest assured, Animal Services handles all sick or dead animals with the utmost respect and care.

If you are dealing with animal issues on private property, make sure to contact wildlife removal services for assistance. The city of Toronto, on the other hand, only handles dead animal removal from city property.

If you happen to find a dead raccoon, the city will pick it up as long as you put it in a bag and place it by the curb.

Discover the Importance of Pest Control Services

Maintain order and safety in your community with Animal Control Services. Our trained officers enforce animal welfare laws, ensuring that animals are not subjected to cruelty, neglect, or abandonment. Plus, we work closely with animal shelters and wildlife control services to ensure they operate within local guidelines.

Concerned about stray animals? Don’t worry – we’ll pick them up and transport them to local shelters. And by licensing your pets, you’ll not only support our programs but also ensure they receive proper vaccinations and care.

If you’re facing a feline nuisance or are worried about the welfare of an animal, reach out to the humane society. We’re here to handle animal welfare, promote public safety, and enhance public health services.

Our team is trained to deal with aggressive wildlife, such as sick raccoons, keeping your streets safe. Rest assured, if we encounter a sick or dead animal, we handle it with the utmost respect. We prioritize preventing the spread of diseases by euthanizing sick raccoons and cremating them if necessary.

For sick animal problems on private property, contact wildlife removal services. Please note that the city of Toronto only handles dead animal removal from city property. Simply place the dead raccoon in a bag and by the curb, and we’ll take care of it.

Choose us for reliable and efficient pest control services, ensuring the welfare and safety of your community and its animal populations.

Affordable Wildlife Removal & Reliable Animal Control In Toronto.

Have squirrels chewed holes in your roof vent? Replacing all other vents with metal vents will not work and is a waste of money. Our squirrel removal experts can install a one-way door and animal-proof screening, blocking animals from getting back in.

Using our experience, we can ensure that your home is protected against wildlife damage. Toronto homeowners choose Affordable Wildlife Control for our mastery of humane animal removal!

Raccoon Removal Toronto, Squirrel Removal Toronto

Affordable Raccoon Removal Cost?

Competitive pricing.

Wildlife Removal Toronto Reviews, Raccoon Removal Reviews, AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews

Wildlife Control Reviews

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Can Help!

We know how to install the extra prevention screening at all the right spots in your house to keep animals out.

When you call AAA Affordable Wildlife Control, you can talk to someone with years of experience in the wildlife control and management industry. We use the best animal control techniques and have an excellent success rate of keeping animals out. If there is a problem with the screening we installed, the same wildlife specialist will be sent back to your property to fix it.

Book An Affordable Wildlife Removal Inspection To Start The Wildlife Control Process

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control knows that every property is different and that every animal infestation could require different wildlife control services. We offer the convenience of online bookings for onsite home inspections. No free inspection. Companies that show up for free inspections might do a great job; they tend to charge a lot more to do the work.

Raccoon and squirrel trappers that trap and remove animals only provide a short-term solution to nuisance wildlife problems. The process can cost more than expected if non-target animals are captured or the number of animals is greater than you thought.

Our onsite home inspectors can identify the wildlife species and advise property owners about how to secure all access points that raccoons have been using. Our animal control experts can also educate residents about our humane practices and suggest a good plan to prevent future wildlife infestations.

The Tools & Methods Used For Wildlife Control In The Greater Toronto Area

Our Wildlife control experts have a wide range of tools and control measures at our disposal for removing animals.

One of our affordable wildlife removal specialties is seasonal raccoon baby removal. We know the ins and outs of the raccoon breeding and nesting cycle and handle each baby animal with care, and we will ensure that all of the young raccoons in your attic or under your deck are removed without separating them from their mothers.

Separating kits and mothers can result in the mother creating more property damage.

Between March and July, we will find a way to remove the entire raccoon family, relocating them to the exterior of your home – as Canadian law requires.

Raccoons are seasonal creatures, and we know where they are likely to hunt for shelter when the winter cold arrives. We can secure the property and ensure unwanted animals can’t break in.

We use one-way doors because we know that live trapping urban wildlife can cause much more damage and stress for the property owner and the animal. Our wildlife removal technicians are equipped with the safety tools they need for raccoon removal in Toronto – including animal handling gloves. If raccoons have become trapped, we can handle them safely and remove them from your home.

We also use steel screening that comes fitted with one-way doors. When animals leave, spring-loaded doors shut immediately behind them, making re-entry impossible.

Odour Control – Raccoon poop can cause nasty odour problems. The right spray with enzymes that breaks down organic matter can reduce and even eliminate the smell.

Bat removal requires professional wildlife removal services due to health concerns when they are in the living space of a home.

Experienced & Affordable Toronto Wildlife Control Inspectors & Installers

We recommend booking an inspection for nuisance wildlife control & animal removal management on commercial properties. Don’t rely on roofers or your pest control company for raccoon removal. Your costs could increase substantially if you pay for commercial pest control services when you need a wildlife control company to fix the problem.

An affordable animal removal service technician also offers specialized equipment to eliminate wildlife from your home humanely. Animal-proof screens are an effective way to deny raccoons access without causing them harm. We use steel mesh at potential entry points like roof air vents and eaves/fascia to strengthen your home’s protection for peace of mind.

Technical solutions are of no use without behavioural change. We can’t force Toronto residents to act in a way that minimizes the danger of wildlife infestation. We advise how to deny raccoons & squirrels access to pet food and other food sources by properly securing garbage cans and placing metal mesh over compost heaps.

Our affordable wildlife control Toronto services have a written guarantee to keep animals out of areas we have screened. We are available today for free estimates over the phone.

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