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AAA Affordable Wildlife Control
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 122 reviews
 by Angie
Raccoon Removal From Mississsuga Home

We had raccoons in our attic with babies. I called AAA Affordable Wildlife services. They booked my appointment & in less than 12 hours Blair was at our door. He explained the whole process to us & what we can expect from his services. He did a very thorough inspection & ensured that the babies were removed in a humane manner. He also advised us of the next steps to prevent such issues in the future.
He took time to make that understood everything
properly & with any disturbance to us he did the work to our satisfaction.
We would highly recommend him for such issues. His rates are very competitive. He provided this service to us in our Mississsuga home.

Thanks, Angie for the testimonial/review/rating! You guys are great customers and it was a pleasure to do the job for you. I always say that I hope you don't need to see me again but keep my number just in case something else comes up. Take care.Blair

 by Tasos Dovolos

Excellent Experience with Blair and AAA Affordable Wildlife Control. From the scheduling of the appointment to the quick and efficient removal of 5 baby racoons and a trap door to allow the mother to exit and not get back in. Everything happened as Blair explained it would. Can't thank him enough for the quick, efficient and humane removal of the racoons. I would recommend Blair and his team if you have this happen to you.

 by Aida

I called AAA Affordable Wildlife to get some help with a racoon in my attic. Blair arrived and was so helpful. He was efficient, professional and knowledgeable. Blair shared lots of valuable information both on how to deal with the current situation and future problems if they were to arise. Very thankful!

 by Mary

We had a tricky raccoon challenge with a tight roof space near our eavestroughs. Blair solved it with patience and expertise, along with care and consideration for the animal's well-being. It was a pleasure working with Blair, who is kind, efficient, hard-working, courteous and honest.
We'd also like to thank Anne who took our first call and guided us through the process, including approximate pricing. It's good to have an honest estimate!!!
We highly recommend Blair. We have already given his name to neighbours.

 by Joan

Blair was knowledgeable and professional when he came yesterday to deal with a raccoon in my attic. Also would like to give a shout out to Anne who answered the phone when I called. She was not at all pushy, which is likely why I chose to use you!

Good morning, Joan. Thank you for leaving us a nice review & rating. Very nice!Blair

 by Peter
Squirrel Removal

I called AAA Affordable Wildlife Control to help remove squirrels that had nested and were living in the space between the soffit and the roof on one side of my house. Blair was quick to respond and evaluate the situation. He put an out only door trap at the main entrance hole on the fascia where the squirrels were entering and put wire mess at. the opposite end of the house where there was a smaller opening.

Eventually, the one remaining squirrel left the nest and was unable to get back in. Blair also put back and secured some of the soffits that had become loose or had fallen away due to the squirrel activity.

A job well done.

Thanks for the review!Blair, AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews

 by Andrea
Squirrel Removal From Attic in Toronto.

The whole experience from booking onwards was very easy! Blair took lots of pictures to show us the before and after and was very accommodating of our schedule. I would definitely recommend him!

 by Paul

Blair was professional, thorough and efficient. He explained everything he was doing to address a squirrel problem in our roof. We opted to have prevention screens installed in other tricky areas too -- Blair showed all his work in photos and we are very pleased. Highly recommend Blair; honest, pleasant and hard-working.

Thanks for the great review/rating/testimonial, Paul!

 by JoAnne
Squirrel Removal

Blair was very easy to work with and I appreciated his expertise and advise!

 by Elvisnn
Squirrel Removal Mississauga

Blair was a very upfront and honest young man
Who gave me the cause of the problem,fixed the problem,and also gave me aalso gave me advice on what to do to prevent future issues.
I would definately call on him again if needed.

I really appreciate you following through and leaving me a review, Elvis. I was glad to help with your squirrel problem.BlairWildlife Removal Toronto Reviews

 by Sunder Krishnan
Raccoon Removal From Under Deck

Blair was courteous, knowledgeable,unhurried, competent and reassuring. Id be happy ot have him back for any future work

Very kind words Sunder. BTW Nice job on adding your own prevention around you deck first. It was smart and humane to leave the entry hole the raccoons were entering from open for me to install my one-way door. I know a lot of work went into that. Thanks for taking the humane approach. Blair AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews

 by Sharon
Squirrel Removal Mississauga

Blair was extremely thorough and conscientious. He was very knowledgeable and concerned. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else needing this type of service.

Hey, Sharon. I was happy to help with your squirrel removal. There are a lot of wildlife control companies in Mississauga so I can’t thank you enough for hiring us.

 by Christy

Excellent services, affordable price, professional advices and recommendation for future preventitive methods. Blair was going beyond for answering all the questions and add an extra precautious measurement in place.

Thanks for the review & rating!

 by Andrew
Squirrel Removal Brampton Reviews

Excellent service beginning with Ann who fully explained the process for capture and release and components of the initial visit. Blair called me in advance of my appointment and provided a through inspection and provided a detailed explanation of his observations and included pictures of the potential entry point. Installation of the cage and release mechanism was expertly done and follow up visits discussed in a few weeks. From end to end great service. Highly recommend if you suspect animals in your attic.

Hi, Andrew Thanks for the excellent review!

 by Behrouz

Blair is a very nice and helpful professional.
He came in over a long weekend and provide an inspection with no extras charges.
Excellent customer service and highly recommended.

 by Joe F

Quick and easy! Highly recommend.

 by Terry

Fast, friendly, efficient service from Blair. I highly recommend Blair.

Hi Terry, I appreciate the endorsement and the rating. Thanks very much!

 by Rob

I needed help in removing and relocating a raccoon that recently took up residence on one of my terraces. I was referred to AAA Affordable Wildlife Control by a former customer of theirs and am very happy that I was.

Blair answered my call personally, and we were able to arrange a same-day appointment. Once on site, Blair examined the scene, and took care of the job quickly. He was calm and professional throughout, and my two-week problem was solved in minutes.

Though I hope to not need AAA Affordable Wildlife Control’s services again, I know who to call right away if I ever do. Highly recommended, thanks Blair.

Thank you for the great review Rob!

 by Neil

Reasonable, efficient service; will use them again.

You’re a great customer, Neil! Thanks for the work..Blair GeroAffordable Wildlife Control

 by Theresa

Blair was great. He went up on the roof and immediately found the issue. He then took a video clip and sent it to me to show the problem. Blair then went up to set the one way door on. Very efficient and quick. Will be definitely recommending AAA Affordable Wildlife Control. I would use them again if need be in the future.
Thank you

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AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews – Customers can easily show their appreciation of our wildlife removal Toronto service. We have a great reputation as reflected in our squirrel & raccoon removal testimonials.


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Affordable Wildlife Removal Reviews Toronto – Bird Nest Removal Toronto Reviews, Read New Wildlife Control Reviews

Wildlife Removal Toronto Reviews – Raccoon Removal & Squirrel Removal Reviews

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AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews - Raccoon Removal Toronto Reviews, Wildlife Removal Testimonials, Read Wildlife Removal Endorsements
AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews – Raccoon Removal Toronto Reviews, Wildlife Removal Testimonials, Read Wildlife Removal Endorsements

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The last thing a consumer wants to do is to waste their time researching and hiring a company that might not show up so google & Facebook reviews help provide social proof for our business, in terms of its existence & trust.

Good wildlife removal reviews indicate that our business is reliable. The more reviews we have, the more social proof you have. Remember, 95 positive reviews and five negative reviews is still better than 3 positive reviews and 0 negative reviews.

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Wildlife Removal Reviews online are now the main way people decide on hiring a new company. If a homeowner wakes up one morning to find a raccoon huddled in the rafters of the garage as their about to pull out to go to work, are they going to have time to ask neighbours, family & friends? Going online and seeing an animal removal company with a good star rating and reading some of the great feedback given by other satisfied customers who have used the service will greatly help with deciding on who to trust to come to get the job done right.
 AAA Affordable Wildlife Control in Brampton is here to help and is looking for reviews from our new & existing customers, we keep this in mind when doing even the most basic animal removal job. Taking a few minutes to write a wildlife control review can only make us better at what we do.


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