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 Animal Removal in Milton, Ontario

Affordable Wildlife Removal Services in Milton, Ontario All our prevention screenings are guaranteed to keep wildlife from entering your roof, chimney, deck or wherever we install it. Wildlife Control Toronto

All of our affordable wildlife removal services in North York are guaranteed to quickly remove all wildlife from inside your residential property. Wildlife Control that lasts all starts with the initial inspection so you can get a proper estimate for prevention. Some of our customers who have experienced raccoon or squirrel problems at another property know how important prevention screening is. Protecting key areas on your property that are not animal-proof will make it less inviting for a raccoon or squirrel; they will have no choice but to move on to another house because they won’t be getting yours. Contact Affordable Wildlife Control Toronto Services. Humane Wildlife Removal. Raccoon removal, skunk control, squirrel removal, animal removal.

​​Affordable Raccoon & Squirrel Removal – Wildlife Control Experts

Raccoons are one of the most common pests in the Greater Toronto Area, and some homeowners seem to just get picked on more than others. The nuisance animals sneak around at night in search of food and are nothing like cute old Bert & Ralph Raccoon (from The Raccoons) – they are actually quite bold and can be very distractive. Thankfully though, there are a few surefire ways to get rid of raccoons from in the attic or under the deck, and steps can be taken to prevent them from getting back in.

Squirrels are also a big nuisance, they chew holes to gain entry to attics, once inside they chew wires & beams, which could cause structural damage in extreme cases. Getting squirrels out fast is the smart thing to do, even though it’s going to cost you several hundred dollars.



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Animal Prevention Screening – Affordable Installation of Animal Proof Mesh  

Prevention mesh is the most effective way to stop raccoons and other wildlife like skunks, squirrels and birds. If more homeowners had this prevention screening installed, there’d be a lot fewer sleepless nights for homeowners, less roof damage, less electrical problems from chewed wires. The fact is that houses aren’t build to keep out wildlife, so if you’re looking for a long term solution to any wildlife problem, then start with prevention screening, it will be money well spent.

Keeping Things Clean & Clutter Free is an Affordable Wildlife Control Tip

Raccoons & Skunks may be cute, but their not perfectly clean little critters. In reality, they’re dirty and can carry a number of diseases. Because of this it is important to make things less inviting for them. Clutter piled behind the shed or under a deck can create shelter from wind & rain for wildlife, eventually the skunk or raccoon will dig there way underneath the shed or even worse, move from under the deck to under your house addition if theres no foundation. Once the wildlife feels at home, babies are sure to follow. All this headache may have been avoided simply by keeping a clean and clutter free yard. The occasional “nightmare” job we show up on (nightmare meaning 6 or 7 holes, aggressive animals more determined to get back in then normal) all seem to have something in common, messy yards that obviously haven’t ben cleaned it years. Its never too late to start the clean up. Clean or better yet through out anything raccoons may have dedicated on. Clean gutters with gloves on! ( raccoons are notorious for pooing on roofs which rolls down and collects if eavestroughs).  Particular care should be taken on cleaning kids play areas, sandboxes, and even tree houses.

How to Live Peacefully with Urban Wildlife by : Affordable Wildlife Control & Animal Removal Experts

You do not have to move to the country to enjoy the beauty of nature. From raccoons and squirrels to snakes and possums, wildlife is increasingly making its home in the cities and suburbs. Some wild animals are making the move because of habitat destruction, while other urban invaders are just searching for a free meal.

No matter what the reason, wild animals are increasingly moving into urban environments, and that can pose problems for homeowners and renters alike. The good news is that making a few simple changes can help you peacefully coexist with the wildlife at your door.

Put the Lights On

Most of the urban creatures that share our urban environments are nocturnal in nature. They come out at night to forage for food and look for a place to stay. Simply lighting up your environment could be enough to make them move on.

Homeowners can discourage urban wildlife by installing floodlights, solar lighting and motion-detecting lights. Apartment dwellers can ask their landlords to install additional lighting around the property. Lighting up the landscape has another important advantage. Raccoons and skunks may scurry away when the lights come on, but so will burglars and other bad guys.

Keep Odors at Bay

Animals have a more highly developed sense of smell than their human counterparts. You may not be able to smell the garbage bag on the front porch, but the local wildlife certainly can. The smells emanating from your trash cans and food storage containers are like an open invitation to urban wildlife.

Using scented trash bags and keeping your garbage cans covered will go a long way to keeping unwanted animals away from your home. Keeping the garbage can close to your home until trash day is another way to keep urban wildlife from sharing your leftovers.

Call our Professional  @ Affordable Wildlife Control & Animal Removal Services Experts

Making the changes outlined above can help keep urban wildlife at bay, but some animals are more determined than others. Sometimes even your best efforts will not be enough and a forest creature will take up residence in your home. When that happens, it is time to call in the professionals.

A wildlife relocation specialist will have the resources needed to find your unwanted resident and evict the intruder. Dealing with wildlife is not a do-it-yourself operation. Wild animals can be dangerous when confronted, so it is best to leave that part to the professionals.

The population of urban wildlife is only expected to increase in the future, but there are ways to deal with the problem and minimize conflicts. Most of these creatures just want to be left alone, and making your home or apartment a less tempting target can convince them to move on.

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