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How Much Does Skunk, Squirrel, Raccoon, Bird, Wasp Nest Removal Cost in Pickering, Ontario
How Much Does Raccoon, Squirrel & Skunk Removal Cost in Pickering? $150 charge for the initial inspection +$145 for a one-way door installation.

Wildlife Removal Pickering Experts can help.

Our Wildlife Removal Pickering experts go where the bats, skunks, raccoons & squirrels go. from Markham, Brampton to Toronto and of course, Pickering. We arrive on time and solve nuisance wildlife problems for homeowners across the GTA.


 Don’t delay for weeks or months on calling a wildlife removal Pickering professional as a relatively small WILDLIFE problem with an easy fix could turn bad and end up costing you more in the long run. Water damage, chewed electrical wires, structural damage, not to mention all the noise RACCOONS & SQUIRRELS create, especially if babies are present.


If you have a problem with raccoons on your property, AAA Affordable Wildlife Control can remove them humanely and efficiently.

Canadian law requires that raccoons are protected, and must be removed without harming them. Our Wildlife Removal Pickering team can ensure that any raccoon infestation can be dealt with legally, humanely and quickly anywhere in the Pickering area.

Squirrel Removal Markham – Squirrel Control Service in Markham

We can deal with raccoon infestations in any part of the home. Whether raccoons have nested in your attic, underneath your patio, in your chimney, shed or garden – we can assess the situation and find a humane and lasting solution to your pest control concerns.

Raccoon removal should be a priority whenever you suspect that an infestation has occurred. Raccoons are notorious for upending garbage cans and causing environmental damage. They rip up lawns, cause structural damage to homes and carry a slight risk of rabies or roundworm as well. However, all of these problems can be avoided with the right mixture of exclusion methods and removal techniques.


Wildlife Control Reviews Toronto, Raccoon Removal Reviews, Squirrel Removal ReviewsWildlife Control Reviews Toronto, Raccoon Removal Reviews, Squirrel Removal Reviews

How to do we deal with raccoon control in Pickering?

Our Wildlife Removal Pickering experts have a range of different options for achieving humane raccoon removal for Pickering homeowners.

We use one-way doors to humanely remove raccoons from homes and businesses. These devices are attached directly to the hole through which the raccoons are entering your property. When the raccoon leaves the building, the spring-loaded mechanism shuts a one-way door behind them, preventing re-entry.

We also provide a seasonal trapping service. This particularly applies to when it’s not baby raccoons season, which is between February and August.

Bird Nest Removal Pickering and Toronto Affordable Wildlife Control
Bird Nest Removal Pickering and Toronto Affordable Wildlife Control

(Trapping raccoons is something we recommend only as a last resort) If you’ve blocked access to all den sites on your property, and yet the raccoons are still using your deck as their latrine, they should be relocated to break that habit.

We do not relocate babies off of the customers’ property, we make sure to relocate the babies humanely outside of the attic or chimney in which they were nesting, but close enough for the mother to find them – in accordance with Canadian law.

Human removal entails removing both mothers and kits together. At AAA Affordable Wildlife Control, we know how to make sure that baby raccoons are not left to starve without their mother. Not only is separation inhumane, it can also lead to further roof damage when mothers seek to re-enter their den looking for her offspring.


It is important to be aware of the seasonal habits of raccoons. Skilled animal removal professionals will know when raccoons are likely to be sheltering from the winter cold. They will also know when kits and mothers have started to leave the property at night. If screens and traps are installed at the wrong time, it is easy to trap raccoons inside properties, resulting in extra damage and stress.

Home inspections can highlight wildlife control issues

The best way to ensure effective raccoon removal in Pickering is to arrange a full wildlife control survey of your property. Simply trapping and removing raccoons & skunks may not prevent them returning next year. There will often be underlying structural factors that make properties more attractive to nesting raccoons, and we can also make recommendations about how to change your own behaviour to minimize the risk of attracting more wildlife.

Our Best 10 Wildlife Control & Removal Tips

At Affordable Wildlife Control, we strongly believe in carrying out a comprehensive inspection of your property. There may be multiple potential access points for squirrels or raccoons, which conventional roofers often overlook. We can install wildlife-proof screening that will ensure peace of mind, and reduce the cost of future raccoon & squirrel damage and intrusion.

Prevention screens provide a humane and reliable way to complement raccoon removal in Pickering. We use rust-proof mesh to secure any potential access points, whether they are chimneys, roof vents or eaves.

Wasp Nest Removal and Bald-Faced Hornet Nest Removal in Pickering and Toronto.
Wasp Nest Removal and Bald-Faced Hornet Nest Removal in Pickering and Toronto.

We can also advise on other ways to raccoon-proof your home. For example, using specialist containers for garbage or compost can prevent raccoons gaining access to them. When animals like raccoons sense a food source like unprotected garbage, they will return – often causing a prolonged infestation. Compost heaps and vegetable patches can also be protected via metallic cloth or wire mesh. We can even advise on how to trim your bushes and trees to reduce the likelihood of raccoons gaining access to your roof and attic.

Humane raccoon removal is a complex task that requires professional assistance. Trapping and relocation may seem to be a lasting solution, but they can both lead to traumatic, and often fatal consequences for the raccoons. We prefer using passive methods wherever possible, and to relocate as humanely as we can, whenever undertaking raccoon removal in Pickering.

This does not make our removal methods any less effective. Our focus is placed upon long-term raccoon exclusion, not quick fixes.

How do I know if I have an infestation problem?

If you are a resident in Pickering and are concerned about raccoon infestation, there are a number of things to look out for. The first thing may seem obvious. If you witness a raccoon entering your home, or even on your property, it is a signal that professional assistance will be required. Raccoons don’t like to interact with humans and will seek to avoid being seen if at all possible. Seeing a raccoon is usually a sign that others are in the neighbourhood.


Keep an eye on the structure of your home. Have you found evidence of broken shingles on your roof? Are the gutters damaged in any way? Insulation may have been ripped out, and garbage could be found in strange locations. Any anomalies like this could be an indication that raccoons or other wildlife are causing damage to your home.


Noise is one of the easiest ways to detect a squirrel or raccoon infestation. If you hear unusual sounds coming from your attic at night, it is quite likely to be wildlife like raccoon or squirrels moving around. They may not have infiltrated the home yet, but as soon as you hear raccoons on your property, it makes sense to arrange a professional wildlife inspection to make sure that any access points are secure.


If you have worries about skunk, squirrel or raccoon control, one of our Wildlife Removal Pickering experts from AAA Affordable Wildlife Control can carry out a home survey that will ease the stress of infestation. We won’t just make recommendations and set traps to relocate the wildlife. Instead, we offer screen installation and roof patching as standard – The idea is to provide a humane, long-lasting solution to wildlife control issues in Pickering for everyone who needs it.

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