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Common Wildlife Problems in the City Of Mississauga

In a busy city like Mississauga, small creatures thrive on the seemingly endless food sources available from open garbage cans, green bins, bird feeders, and gardens. And because it’s an urban area, these animals seek shelter wherever they can – often finding their way into attics, sheds, and other unfortunate areas. If you’ve discovered some unwanted creatures on your property, it’s important to take action immediately to prevent or lessen the damage incurred. Consult a professional wildlife control company in Mississauga to have your problem solved promptly and humanely.

Many small mammals make their home in Mississauga, with some keeping to parks and wooded areas and others freely roaming the city streets. Eastern Grey and Red squirrels are very common and can be found climbing trees and buildings throughout the city. Raccoons and skunks are also frequently seen in Mississauga, but because they’re nocturnal, they’re mostly active at night. Foxes may also be spotted near the water or in wooded areas, and a wide variety of birds litter the skies during the day. Nocturnal brown bats will sometimes find their way into the city in search of food too.

While some animals, like squirrels, are not typically aggressive, they can carry diseases that may be harmful or even fatal to humans and pets. These diseases can pass through bites, scratches, or contact with their urine and droppings. Raccoons, bats, skunks, and foxes are also the most common carriers of rabies, a disease that is fatal to humans and pets unless treated immediately. Though human and pet rabies cases are extremely rare in Ontario, it’s best to get the rabies vaccine after contact just in case. Mississauga wildlife can also transport little insects and parasites, including fleas, ticks, and mites, so having a professional handle their removal is the best way to reduce your exposure.

These creatures can cause plenty of problems for Mississauga homeowners and renters. You may discover your garbage cans or green bins knocked over and rooted through by nighttime visitors, typically raccoons. Squirrels, raccoons, and skunks may also pilfer from your garden or dig up your lawn in search of small insects, like grubs. Both of these problems are fairly easy to solve with animal-proof garbage cans and wildlife deterrents for your garden. However, unlucky residents may find that these creatures have moved into their attic, shed, deck, or other structures on their property, which requires a more complex removal approach.

Affordable Raccoon Removal & Squirrel Removal Cost In Mississauga

While you may be tempted to try and handle a wildlife infestation on your own to save some money, but in most cases, it’s best to call in professional help. Trained Mississauga Wildlife Removal experts know how to solve nuisance animal problems quickly, thoroughly, and humanely. Look for companies that will provide a time and monetary estimate for solving your specific wildlife problem. You should also check if they offer a guarantee on any products they may use to seal entry points and on their services in general. Having a guarantee in place ensures that you’re covered if the critters find their way back in within the year. If you live in an area that has a lot of wildlife concerns, you may also consider finding a company that offers an emergency line for quick help with problems that need immediate attention, like bats in your home.

Proper wildlife management requires solutions that won’t harm or distress the animals. A quality removal company will focus on removal using one-way doors as well live-trapping and relocation with humane traps, when appropriate. The cages that are used should be large enough to trap the animal without catching their fur, limbs, or wings in the door. The company should also check the nest or den thoroughly for babies, so no innocent creature is left behind. In many cases, the better course of action is to make the home they’ve chosen feel uninviting, to encourage the animals to leave on their own. This may entail using bright or flashing lights, introducing sounds that they find threatening, or using unpleasant smells.

Mississauga Squirrel Removal & Raccoon Removal Services, How Much Does Squirrel Removal & Raccoon Removal Cost?

By bringing in a professional, your wildlife problems are more likely to be solved for good. Rather than focusing on temporary fixes, they’ll bring the knowledge and supplies to offer you long-term solutions. Make sure the company you’re calling in will use premium supplies, like commercial-grade wire mesh or caulking to seal holes, vent covers, and animal-proof lights. They should also be able to point out any damage incurred that you may not have seen, like scratched and chewed wood inside your attic walls or chewed electrical wires.

A trained wildlife agent will also know how to take proper precautions when coming up against potentially angry animals. If you’re unfamiliar with their behaviour, you may unintentionally provoke or even harm these creatures, causing them to attack. A professional will also be better prepared to deal with any animal urine and droppings left behind, which may carry airborne diseases.

9 Wildlife Deterrents – Keep Your Home Pest Free With These Pointers!

There are many steps that Mississauga, Ontario city residents can take to prevent wildlife infestations before they happen or to prevent them from happening again. Follow any of the applicable steps below, or ask your wildlife management company for personalized instructions to protect your property.

1. Keep your outdoor spaces (including balconies) free of leaves and debris that animals can use as hiding spots or nest-building supplies.
2. Thoroughly clean barbecues or other outdoor cooking appliances after each use.
3. Ensure garbage and green compost bins are fitted with animal-proof lids, or keep them in a secured area (like a garage) until the pick-up day.3. Install motion-sensing lights or sprinklers to deter animals from your garden.
4. Enclose any open areas under your deck, sheds, or staircases, and add a chimney cap if applicable.
5. Keep your lawn healthy to control the root-eating grub population that raccoons and other critters love to eat.
6. Remove any tree branches near your home or shed that can allow climbing critters (like squirrels and raccoons) to access your roof.
7. Check your window wells and window screens periodically for signs of damage that animals can use to gain access to your home or shed.
8. You should also periodically check the entire exterior of your home for holes or other damage that may turn into entry points for unwanted critters. Since many can squeeze into incredibly small spaces, it’s important to fix the damage as soon as possible after discovery.
9. Small critters have also been known to nest in cars and chew car wiring or plastic parts. Keep your vehicles in a secured garage or check often when not in use for long periods of time (like during the winter months).

Mississauga is home to a wide variety of birds, mammals, and rodents that have learned to adapt to city life. But in their pursuit of food or shelter, they may decide to make a part of your property their new home. Save time and money by allowing experts that understand your specific situation to help you remove these animals humanely and for good. With a trained wildlife control agent on your side, you’ll enjoy responsible, reliable and professional handling of the squirrels, raccoons, bats, or other creatures on your property. And by practicing smart wildlife prevention strategies, you can also ensure that you’re protected from future infestations.

  • Raccoon Removal Mississauga – If you want to discourage raccoons & squirrels from choosing your attic to live in, minimize the availability of food and shelter around your property. Raccoons love to forage in garbage cans and pet dishes that are left outside. If possible, keep garbage cans in the garage and secure the lids to the garbage cans so that they cannot be opened easily. Open composter are like an open invitation for raccoons, so make sure that you only use one that is enclosed
  • Affordable Squirrel, Skunk & Raccoon Removal Brampton. Skunks, Squirrels and raccoons have adapted well to life in urban areas, and  Mississauga, Brampton and Thornhill are no exception.
  • Raccoon Control Mississauga – Raccoons also love to eat grubs, insects, frogs, mice, nuts, seeds, corn, berries, grapes, and acorns. If your yard has any of these, you’ll need to take precautions to keep them out of your yard. Install outdoor lights around your home to deter these critters from trying to break into your attic in their search for a nesting place. Sprinkle oil of mustard around berry bushes or nut trees to keep the raccoons away from your yard.
  • Squirrel Removal Mississauga –  Squirrels love trees, they provide food and shelter and a way to escape predators, as well as off-leash dogs. The many trees in Mississauga also give squirrels easy access to roofs and chimneys, inviting them to move into where it’s warm & dry. Most roofs have vents that can easily be chewed by squirrels for quick entry to the attic space.
  • Squirrel Control Mississauga – It’s hard to ignore a squirrel in the attic problem with all the scratching and chewing they do, so it’s best to get them out fast? Consider investing in prevention screening around roof vents and other potential entry areas, this is the best approach when dealing with pest squirrels.
  • Affordable Skunk Removal From Private Properties in Mississauga.

Are Animals Damaging Your Lawn In Mississauga?

Are skunks & raccoons digging holes in your grass or flipping over your newly laid sod? Wild animals in Mississauga such as skunks and raccoons, in particular, enjoy feasting on the white grub larvae, plump treats for hungry wildlife. These pest animals might decide to live under the shed or deck in your yard so that they are close to their food supply. In Mississauga, most homeowners have a yard with grass, therefore, local wildlife will likely invade your space at some point looking for tasty treats.

Squirrel Removal Scarborough

Although you can dig up your yard in search of these pests, there are easier ways to find white grub larva in your yard. Some of the signs that skunks and/or raccoons are digging grass and eating grubs in your yard include:

  1.  Torn up areas of sod (created by raccoons as they dig for grubs)
  2. Dead patches of lawn (caused by grubs as they feed)
  3. Round indentations in the grass (made by raccoons & skunks as they search for grub larvae)
  4. The Ten Best Wildlife Removal Company Tips

A Look at Grub Larvae -Types of white grubs include the Japanese beetle, European chafer, and June beetle. Grub larvae are highly active during the spring and fall months when they come up to the surface of the ground in search of grass roots to eat. As they devour the roots, the grass begins to die, creating large patches of dead grass. This is when raccoons and skunks begin their search for grub larvae to eat.

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