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Affordable Bird Nest Removal Toronto – Humane Removal of Baby Birds


Affordable Bird Nest Removal Toronto


  • Bird Nest Removal Toronto.  Birds such as Black Starlings and Pigeons are creatures of habit and will return to the same spot to nest and have babies. Open wall vents, exhausts, window ledges and gable ends that are left unscreened are an open invitation for pest bird to move in. Most homeowners won’t let this go on for too long though due to the obvious mess & noise created by these nuisance birds and their nesting habits.
Bird Nest Removal Toronto
Bird Nest Removal Pickering and Toronto Affordable Wildlife Control
  • There’s a lot of back and forth when the birds are initially building the nest, and if you’re lucky you’ll be dealing with the problem at this stage when the removal is still fairly easy. If you waited too long in the nesting season and baby birds are present, the removal process could range from days to weeks.  Once the babies are hatched, you will still see a lot of back and forth action, only more noise is added from the babies competing for the best spot in line to be fed by momma.

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  • This could go on for weeks resulting in a build-up of bird droppings around and leading up to the point of entry to the nest, also the nest itself will be full of bird mites that could start falling into the living space of the house through the fan and opening into the kitchen or bathroom.

Bird Nest Removal Toronto – Humane removal of baby birds for an affordable price.

Affordable Bird Nest Removal Mississauga, Brampton, Markham & Toronto. Affordable Wildlife Control – Bird in wall vent removal + prevention screening. Bird Control Toronto – Humane Baby Bird Removal

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Pigeons in Toronto – Their Mating Habits and Young. Bird Nest Removal Toronto

Pigeons are found in rural and urban areas throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Their mating behaviour is unique as is the life cycle of their young. Commonly considered as nuisances, pigeons are monogamous birds. They choose a single mate during their lifetime, remaining fiercely loyal throughout their existence.

Pigeons mate continuously as long as conditions are agreeable. In particular, pigeons require a consistent supply of food to promote breeding. As long as they get enough to eat, they continue to breed. The weather must also be agreeable for mating to occur. During the coldest months of the year, pigeons usually take a break from the breeding process.

How Much Does Bird Nest Removal Cost in Mississauga, Brampton, Markham & Toronto
How Much Does Bird Nest Removal Cost in Toronto

Male and female pigeons build their nests together with the male bringing leaves and sticks to the female. The nest is saucer-like in shape and large enough to hold two pigeon eggs.

Each pair of pigeons is capable of having as many as eight broods every year, although the average is four to five broods. Each brood contains two pigeons. Incubation is handled by both parents, so the eggs are continuously kept warm. They take approximately eighteen to nineteen days to hatch.

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Also referred to as squabs, baby pigeons experience an odd birth cycle. When they are born, their hearts do not begin to beat until three days have passed. On the fourth day, their eyes open.

Both parents feed their young with a regurgitated substance known as pigeon milk. Each feeding provides excellent nutrition for squabs, allowing them to grow rapidly. After the first few days, both mother and father begin to include insects in the diet of their young.

It is rare to see young squabs since they remain in the nest for the initial two months of their life, fed and protected by their parents. By the time squabs reach two months of age, they are ready to leave the nest.

Squirrel Removal Scarborough

A two-month-old pigeon is nearly the same size as a small adult bird. The beak might look as though it is too large for the bird, but, eventually, the size of the body matches the size of the beak.

Since pigeons mate for life, they stop breeding once their partner dies. Pigeons can be found in cities such as Toronto as well as in all areas of the country, and they are comfortable around people.


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