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3 Easiest Ways Raccoon & Squirrels Enter Your Brampton Attic: and how to stop it from happening.

Wildlife in Brampton like squirrels, skunks and raccoons have adapted very well to city life and know an easy way to enter an attic. The most likely spot that animals break into an attic is listed below. Every house has at least a couple of these problem areas. The good news is all of these areas can be protected and made to be chew-proof and animal-proof.

  1. Roov Vents – squirrels can easily chew holes in the side of the outer cap of a roof vent while raccoons will simply pop the cap off the inside base of the vent which is only attached by four clips or rivets.
  2. Roof Intersection – Aluminum soffit in particular is extremely easy for raccoons to push through right at the end point where it meets the shingles. Wood soffit can also be a problem as squirrels can squeeze inside if there are small gaps or the wood is soft or rotten.
  3. Roof Edge – The edge of the roof can be the most exposed part of the house, vulnerable to not only to the weather but also to squirrels and raccoons. If you are eye level to the roof edge and peel up the end shingle you will hopefully see an aluminum strip called drip edge. Hopefully you at least see wood-on-wood with no gaps along the roof edge underneath the shingles. If you see a gap you essentially have an open invitation for pests and wildlife to work their way inside.

Accessing all of these areas safely can be tricky at times even for seasoned wildlife removal technicians. It’s good to know about these areas but it’s best to hire a service to do the installation for you. 

Urban areas like Vaughan, Brampton and Mississauga certainly have their fair share of wildlife to contend with. Hire our animal removal service for a reasonable cost on bigger prevention jobs. We are efficient at raccoon removal and squirrel removal in the city of Brampton.

Squirrel & Raccoon Removal In Brampton During Baby Season

 It can cost slightly more during the baby season. Attic inspections and hands-on baby removal may be required. Once squirrels and raccoons are ready to raise a family, they often invade Brampton attics, chimneys or garages in search of a warm, cozy spot. If this type of situation happens to you, contact a highly-rated wildlife removal company for swift and painless service.

Although wild animals tend to avoid direct interaction with people, raccoons & squirrels are not afraid to live alongside them. Plus, squirrels can live as long as twenty years, and they reproduce at amazing rates, adding to their population with two to five babies to a litter. An Inside Look at a Squirrel Home Invasion in Brampton, ON

Are Raccoons & Squirrels Keeping You Up At Night? An Inside Look at a Wildlife Home Invasion in Brampton, ON

Squirrel Removal Brampton – Nuisance squirrels often invade residential homes and commercial businesses with the intent to live there. After all, your uninhabited attic or chimney looks inviting with its sheltered space and quiet environment. What better place could there be to raise a litter of baby squirrels?


Once squirrels move in, they begin to store nuts, seeds, and berries close to their nesting area to get them through the cooler months of winter while also building nests inside for a litter of young. Unfortunately, squirrels are willing to adapt their eating habits to include fruit and bread, so you might discover them at your dinner table if you don’t watch out! Affordable Wildlife Removal Brampton experts can remove a family of squirrels and install necessary prevention screening around vents and other weak spots on your roof to help keep all wildlife from entering your home.

Raccoon Removal Brampton – If you experience an invasion of raccoons, it is important to choose the right wildlife control to handle the situation. It is illegal in Brampton to kill raccoons, so you need the skills of trained raccoon professionals to assist you in dealing with these pests. Never attempt raccoon removal on your own.

🦅 Affordable Brampton Bird Nest Removal – Humane Removal of Baby Birds

If you are unsure as to what type of animal has entered your home or how it got in, you should simply hire wildlife control services to handle its removal. Our professionals have the experience and equipment needed to capture, remove, and prevent all wildlife humanely and safely.

Squirrels and raccoons are smart enough to enter your home through roof edges, vents, chimneys, fans, windows, and siding. They can take any small opening and turn it into one that is large enough for their bodies simply by using sharp claws and teeth to tear away wood, aluminum, and more. Once they move into a building, it is difficult to get them to leave unless they are ready to do so. Arranging for a Wildlife Control Service gets the job done safely. Call us today if you have questions or would like us to come out for an inspection and quote.

Squirrels, raccoons & other nuisance wildlife are creatures of habit, they chew, scratch, dig and do whatever else is necessary to find a warm nesting area to mate and raise young.

Hire Wildlife Removal Brampton Services And Protect Your Home: Book An Animal Removal Inspection For Squirrel & Raccoon Removal

Although many people think raccoons and squirrels are cute, furry animals, they might find out quickly just how dangerous these pests are once they move into your family’s attic or business. To minimize your risk, you should arrange for our affordable wildlife removal as soon as you notice the problem to avoid unnecessary dangers to your Brampton property.

Removing wild animals from homes and businesses requires special skills and equipment due to the innate dangers associated with accessing wildlife entry areas. The actual cost depends on several factors, including:

  • Number of entry holes and are babies involved in the removal process
  •  Location of the animals (in your yard or inside of a structure)
  •  Difficulty gaining access to the nesting area
  • 11 Wildlife Removal Company Tips To Read Before Hiring
  •  Whether or not you choose to additional services, such as wildlife prevention for raccoons, skunks and squirrels to stop future invasions.

While squirrels are perfectly okay living in the outdoors, they will take the opportunity to move into a home when they are preparing to have their litter. Attics are particular favourites for squirrels due to the fact that humans rarely go into them. Basements, decks, and porches are also frequently chosen by squirrels for the purposes of building a nest to house their young.

Dangers Presented By Wildlife Living In Your Brampton Attic

Which Type of Infestation Is Better, Squirrels, Bats, Raccoons. Squirrels are not common carriers of the rabies virus. Nevertheless, their presence in your home can place your well-being at risk, particularly if you are bitten by an angry squirrel that is acting defensively to protect its litter. If you are bitten by a squirrel, you should get the wound treated properly by your physician or someone on staff in the emergency room.

Ideally, no infestation is the best kind of all. However, if you could pick based upon health reasons, squirrels prevent less of a danger than bats.

Bats carry the rabies virus and their guano can lead to Histoplasmosis, a disease that is deadly to humans. On the other hand, squirrels do not carry the rabies virus; and while their feces and urine are dirty, neither one of these leads to the development of a deadly virus.

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