Bat Removal Toronto – Bat Control Services in Toronto

Bat Removal Toronto – How Do You Know If Bats Have Moved into Your Attic? 

bat removal toronto - Bat Control Service
bat removal Toronto – Bat Control Service

In need of Bat Removal in Toronto? Since bats are relatively quiet, you might not even realize that they have moved into your attic. They do not store food in the attic, so you won’t hear sounds of them hiding nuts inside the area.

Nonetheless, you have several options when trying to determine whether or not a colony of bats is now calling your home their own.

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Look Outside in the Evening – Bat Removal

Although it might take time out of your otherwise busy schedule, setting up a chair outside so you can wait for signs of bats exiting your home is a good idea.

Bats usually come out at dusk since they sleep during the daytime. They’ll be hungry and looking for night-flying insects to gobble up. If possible, sit near any openings or vents in the attic’s construction. While you can also choose to stand, it might take a while, so a chair might be more comfortable.

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When to a Make a Visual Inspection – Bat Removal

  • While it is possible to visually inspect the attic in hopes of seeing whether or not you have a bat infestation, precautions should be taken.
  • You’ll want to avoid contact with the bats and their disease-carrying guano (feces). Purchase a face mask that you can wear to avoid breathing in any guano dust or bacteria from bat urine. If the attic isn’t well-lit, consider bringing a flashlight to make it easier to see into darkened corners, typically where the bats will choose to roost.
  • Since bats are active during the night hours, you might want to wait until the sun has been down for several hours before venturing into the attic to avoid coming directly into contact with the bats. However, this strategy only works during the warmer months since bats hibernate during the winter.
  • Since the bats should be outside, you’ll search for bat guano signs. However, sickly bats might not have gone outside.
  • The bats should be sluggish if you visually inspect them during the winter. Avoid making noise and watch where you walk to avoid bumping bats with your head. You should look for bats in the rafters and guano on the floor.
bat removal toronto - Bat Control Service
bat removal Toronto – Bat Control Service

What You Need to Know About Looking for Bats in Your Attic

  • When you search for bats in your attic, make sure that you wait until the sun has been down for several hours. Ideally, the bats will have gone outside to forage for insects at this point in time so that you won’t have contact with them. Wear a mask to avoid breathing in bacteria or debris from bat guano or urine.


  • Call wildlife control specialists to inspect and remove you if you aren’t up to doing it yourself. Ideally, you’ll want the wildlife control specialists to complete the bat removal service for you to avoid coming into contact with these disease-carrying mammals.


  • Bats are known as the most successful mammal, second only to rodents. Ontario’s Bat species are very (8 in all), and all belong to the family of evening bats. The most common bats in Toronto & GTA are the Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat.
  • Equipped with ultrasonic echolocation, the Big Brown Bat can detect moths & flying Beatles just over 8 kilometres away. The Little Brown Bat gives birth each summer and raises its young in large maternal roosting colonies.
  • Most homeowners are anti-bat once one or more gain entry into the home, and with good reason, but bats can devour 9000 insects per hour, so it can be a benefit to have on the property.
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