Squirrel Removal Scarborough

Squirrel Removal Scarborough.

Affordable Squirrel Removal Scarborough 416-560-4656. As the human population continues to grow and expand into previously forested areas, squirrels are more likely to move into residential areas in search of food as well as desirable locations to nest.

Humane Squirrel Removal From Scarborough Attics. As the human population continues to grow and expand into previously forested areas, squirrels are more likely to move into residential areas in search of food as well as desirable locations to nest. Research studies have shown that squirrels can survive 3 to 6 times longer in the city than in the wild. As a result, squirrels moving into your home can set up house as long as you can!

Squirrels in Scarborough Love to Eat Nuts and Berries. While the diet of a squirrel primarily consists of nuts, berries, seeds, and insects, they are known to adapt their diets when necessary to include other types of foods, such as different fruits, bread, and peanut butter. A hungry squirrel is not a picky eater. Fruit and nut trees are quite attractive to squirrels as sources of food. Berry bushes also provide a steady supply of nourishment for squirrels. Even if you clean up after fallen fruits and nuts, these animals are good climbers. They’ll easily scoot up a tree to gather dinner for the night!

Squirrel Removal Scarborough –  Prevent Squirrels From Moving Into Your Scarborough Attic?

If squirrels are abundant in your area, you can use the following 9 simple strategies in an attempt to dissuade them from choosing your home.

  1. Avoid leaving food for the pets outside of your home.
  2. Stop using bird feeders.
  3. Store trash in a sealed container.
  4. Keep all compost securely contained.
  5. Trim any tree branches providing easy access to your roof an=d attic.
  6. Have a landscaper dig up berry bushes and cut down fruit or nut trees.
  7. Secure the area underneath porches.
  8. Close off any open vents. Be carefull with dryer vents and clean regularly.
  9. Repair any other weak spots in your home’s construction.


Even though squirrels can collect nuts on their own, they need a full pound or more per squirrel to survive the winter. Therefore, removing any nuts from your yard as quickly as possible should make your home less attractive as a winter nesting zone.

Call our Professionals for Affordable Squirrel Removal in Scarborough.

Once squirrels have moved into your Scarborough attic, you might appreciate the assistance of wildlife control professionals who are experienced in this task. They can remove the squirrels humanely, and provide guidance on how to prevent a re-occurrence of the invasion.

Squirrels can become aggressive when cornered, particularly if they feel threatened. In fact, squirrels can and will bite humans who get too close to them. Therefore, you should call in a professional squirrel removal Scarborough technician as soon as you notice an infestation of squirrels, particularly if you have small children in the home. Kids are often curious and have a tendency to investigate small animals in an attempt to say hello. Baby squirrels are known to fall down in the walls from that attic to the basement and end up in the living space of the house.

Although squirrels do not usually carry the rabies virus, their bites can be painful. Moreover, this type of bite can lead to an infection that requires medical treatment. The best course of action is to simply prevent such a bite by staying away from the squirrels until you can have them removed from your home.

Squirrels are just as comfortable living in the city as they are in the wild, and they live longer in urban areas as well. As a result, squirrels sometimes move into attics or beneath porches to spend the winter.

If you want to prevent squirrels from doing this, you should limit their access to food sources as well as close up weak spots in your home’s construction. If squirrels do move into your home, a wildlife control specialist can help you get rid of them.

Who Needs a Nutty Neighbour? How to Deter Squirrels from Your Yard

Squirrel Removal Scarborough Tips – A squirrel may be a charming animal to spot in your yard, being intelligent, inquisitive, and seemingly full of fun. Unfortunately, like any visitor, it can easily outstay its welcome. If it takes up residence within the bounds of your property you could be heading for trouble, as it’s a fine line between mischievousness and trouble-making – and it’s a line that squirrels cross all too easily.

When a squirrel starts to feel at home in your garden it can quickly begin to wreak havoc.

  • They’ll often dig up plants and bulbs, whether or not they’re planting nuts for the winter.
  • They enjoy stripping bark from trees with potentially terminal results.
  • In search of food, they think nothing of destroying birds’ nests, including any eggs and chicks they contain.

It’s even worse if squirrels decide to live within the structure of your home.

  • Their digging habits cause damage to attic insulation and roofing.
  • Chewed-through wiring will cause electrical problems, including the risk of a house fire.
  • Damaged water pipes can cause flooding and are expensive to repair.

Clearly, sharing your home with a squirrel – or even worse, a family of them – is something to avoid. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to get professional help to deal with the problem efficiently and humanely. Trying to remove the invaders yourself is fraught with difficulty – squirrels can nest in difficult-to-reach places, they can be aggressive if cornered, and if you succeed in only scaring the rodents away they’ll quickly return, possibly bearing a grudge. Far better to call in the experts.

How Much Does Raccoon Removal in Scarborough Cost
How Much Does Raccoon Removal in Scarborough Cost

However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so what can you do to deter squirrels from becoming residents in the first place?

Get Spicy

Squirrels hate the taste and smell of strong spices such as cayenne pepper, so sprinkle this or chilli powder liberally around the areas you’ve spotted the enemy frequenting. You can even give your bird feeders a dusting – your garden’s avian inhabitants can’t taste the heat of chilli, and it causes them no harm, but it will make a squirrel think twice about snacking on the bird food you leave out.

Don’t Give Squirrels a Free Lunch

When a squirrel first appears, you may be tempted to feed him, especially if he seems to be adorably tame. This is a serious mistake – like any wild animal, squirrels love a free lunch, and will be back for more. And they’ll probably bring their friends.

Netting, and a Battle of Wills

If the squirrels are particularly keen on the berries or fruits of a specific plant in your yard, using netting to block access can be effective, but only in the short term. Squirrels are famously good at solving problems, and you’ll likely end up in a constant arms race of upgrading your protective measures, only to suffer inevitable defeat.

A Shower a Day… Keeps the Squirrels Away

If your local regulations allow it, setting up a sprinkler system to give your garden visitors an occasional, unpredictable shower can be a powerful squirrel deterrent. It is also very effective against unwelcome neighbourhood felines, although the bird population will be highly grateful for their new bathing facilities.

Keep a Tidy Yard to Deter Squirrels

Finally, if your yard is full of nooks and crannies where squirrels can hide from danger, or covered in dense undergrowth which can serve as a larder, then consider giving it a thorough tidying. A more shipshape yard will usually lead to a sparser squirrel population.

Unfortunately, all these measures may ultimately be in vain. Squirrels are nothing if not persistent and adaptable, and if one is determined to become your nutty neighbour then seeking help with humane removal may be the only effective option.

Chipmunk Removal Toronto

Chipmunks are not known to cause significant amounts of damage, but they are a nuisance to deal with, especially if they get into your home or building. Besides this, they are known to consume bird seeds, plants, and pet food. If you don’t leave the chipmunk in check, it may find its home under your patio or stairs and make its way into your retention wall and foundation. Call us now before the problem becomes a disaster.

Are Grey Squirrels the Same As Black Squirrels? Scarborough’s Grey Squirrels

A variety of wildlife can be seen roaming backyards in Toronto, including Eastern Grey Squirrels (also can be black in colour ). People are often attracted to the playful antics of the squirrels, which can be seen frolicking on lawns and chasing each other in the trees. These rodents are comfortable living in urban and rural areas, and they exhibit little to no fear of seeing humans. It is best to avoid contact with these animals because they have sharp teeth and won’t hesitate to bite if they feel threatened.

The squirrels living in Scarborough are members of the Eastern Grey Squirrel species, which includes both black and grey squirrels. The behaviour of black and grey squirrels are similar, because they are alike in most ways, except for the colour of their fur ( black being the dominant colour in Ontario & Quebec ).

The fur of a black squirrel is black, whereas the grey squirrels have grey fur, despite the fact that they are both included in the Eastern Grey Squirrel species. The fur of black squirrels has more melanin in it than that of grey squirrels. Melanin is a pigment that occurs naturally in animals. As a result, their fur is black rather than grey. Their colouring never changes throughout their entire lives.

According to some research findings, black squirrels are able to withstand the cold weather better than wildlife with lighter colours of fur. Their fur draws in and retains heat more successfully than the fur of lighter-coloured squirrels. This is the reason why you’ll see more black squirrels than grey ones in Canada.

Since these animals do not hibernate and are equipped to put up with the cold weather, you can see them throughout the entire year. Unfortunately, grey squirrels can damage your home and property, particularly when they need to make a nest for their young.  If you want to discourage them from choosing your property as their home, it is best to clean up possible food sources, such as nuts and berries, before the squirrels find them.

Grey squirrels are abundant in the City of Toronto. While they typically keep to themselves, these animals might find their way into your home when it is time for their litters. If this happens, you should call wildlife control specialists who have the knowledge to safely remove these animals from your home.

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