Discover the Vital Role of Toronto Animal Services

Maintain order and protect our furry friends – that’s the mission of Animal Control in both urban and rural areas.

Their dedicated Animal Control Officers are committed to enforcing laws against animal cruelty, neglect, and abandonment.

They work tirelessly to ensure that local shelters and wildlife control services operate in accordance with the highest standards and guidelines.

If you spot a stray animal in need, our officers are ready to pick them up safely and bring them to a suitable shelter.

By paying licensing fees, you’re helping fund our essential animal control programs and ensuring that pet owners fulfill their duty to keep their animals vaccinated and well-cared for.

Are you concerned about an animal’s well-being or dealing with a nuisance cat? Call the humane society today for assistance.

Need to Contact Animal Services? We’ve Got You Covered!

Animal Services takes care of animal welfare while also ensuring public safety and health. Their main focus is to keep the streets safe from aggressive wild animals, such as sick raccoons.

In order to prevent the spread of disease, sick or dead raccoons are usually euthanized. However, if the raccoon poses

 no threat, animal control may choose to cremate it instead.

Rest assured, Animal Services handles all sick or dead animals with the utmost respect and care.

If you are dealing with animal issues on private property, make sure to contact wildlife removal services for assistance. The city of Toronto, on the other hand, only handles dead animal removal from city property.

If you happen to find a dead raccoon, the city will pick it up as long as you put it in a bag and place it by the curb.