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Dealing with a striped skunk problem is not a pleasant experience. It is something that many homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area dread. If you’re in Brampton and have discovered a skunk living under your front porch or they have found their way into your garbage bin, you’ll need the assistance of wild animal control services.

Our local skunk removal expert has many wildlife control solutions and can evict this nuisance animal effectively from its access points with one-way doors and keep it out with prevention measures.

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Skunk Removal Services

Don’t let a skunk problem take over your home; call professional skunk removal and control services today to get rid of those smelly creatures for good. An experienced wildlife technician familiar with local animal control services knows what works to control the local skunk population and how to stop property damage from other wildlife.

Hiring our professional skunk removal company guarantees customer satisfaction and ensures safe and humane skunk removal methods will be used.

With wire mesh and a one-way door system, the skunks can exit their den site but not re-enter.

Skilled Bird Removal Had a bird nesting in my bathroom vent, and Blair took care of it without harming the bird. His skilled and compassionate approach is highly recommended!

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Skunk Control Services With Prevention

Learn how to eliminate a skunk infestation from your property with our affordable wildlife services. Prevention screening and natural skunk repellents around your property are ways to make your yard less inviting to skunks and other pests.

Do you need to get rid of a skunk or raccoon fast and prefer the humane approach? call our local wildlife control phone number (416) 560-8972 for compassionate animal removal services in the Peel Region

Get Rid Of Skunks, Skunk Removal From Under Porch Brampton
Skunks are poor climbers who can dig deep to get underneath a porch. We install wire below ground to stop skunks and other pests from gaining access. Get Rid Of Skunks Fast, Skunk Removal From Under Porch in Brampton
Get Rid Of Skunks Under the House, Skunk Removal Brampton
100% GUARANTEE – 5-YEAR WARRANTY – We Get Rid Of Skunks Under the House and Make Sure They Don’t Come Back, Affordable Skunk Removal in Brampton.

Skunk Prevention Services

When removing skunks around your home don’t forget the prevention which is the #1 way to stop nuisance wildlife problems.

Get Rid Of Skunks Under the House, Skunk Removal Brampton
Get Rid Of Skunks Under the House: Our Skunk Removal Brampton service is designed to safely and humanely remove skunks from underneath decks, sheds, porches, houses and other structures. Our experienced technicians are trained to use the latest trapping and removal methods to resolve your skunk problem quickly. With years of experience in skunk control, we guarantee our work will be practical and professional.
Wildlife Control Caledon
Animal Removal Caledon, Raccoon Removal, Skunk Removal, Squirrel Removal. Get humane wildlife removal in Caledon and the GTA. We specialize in humane wildlife removal, raccoon removal, skunk removal and squirrel removal from your home. We provide 24/7 service with professionally trained technicians who will safely remove any nuisance animals from your property. Our team of dedicated experts has decades of experience trapping and removing wildlife humanely and efficiently.

Customers always call us with the same question, “Can’t you just catch the skunk in a trap and drive it away?”

Their idea is that once the skunks are trapped and relocated, they will block the hole themselves and save on needing to protect the whole deck, solving the skunk problem for less money.

This is easy money for skunk trappers because they charge a fee whether or not the initial problem gets solved because they know from experience it can take several service calls and extra fees to get rid of all the skunks. Still, again, this could only be temporary if the whole deck is not protected and another skunk digs another hole to get underneath your deck or shed.

Please don’t waste money on trapping all of the skunks in your neighbourhood; instead, have our wild animal control Brampton specialists reinforce your house with chew-resistant and digg-proof screening installed around your deck, shed, front porch or house addition with a one-way door to evict the skunks. This is the guaranteed way to humanely get skunks out and keep them out, as well as other nuisance animals like raccoons, opossums and even rats.

Save money on service charges and pay per linear foot to completely protect the deck with our skunk-proof system that is 100% Guaranteed To Keep Skunks Out.

Most cities have local bylaws in place that provide guidelines for wildlife control. The safest way to rid your property of skunks is to hire professionals offering a humane skunk removal process. They often use one-way doors & prevention screening to solve the animal problem. At times a live cage trap to capture and relocate the animals safely is the method used.

Affordable Skunk Removal Services in Brampton:

Skunks do pretty well in urban areas due to low predation risk. About the same size as cats, skunks are black and typically have white stripes or spots on their tails, making them easy to identify. Skunks are active throughout the year, although they will lie dormant during periods of excessive cold. Skunks can be distinctly recognized for their black and white collars. A skunk’s presence on your property can lead to unexpected encounters. Skunks can spray a powerful scent up to 15 feet using glands below their tail. This skunk spray is harmful as it burns the eyes, causing headaches and discomfort. Prevent such encounters by calling our skunk removal technicians.

how to get rid of skunks from under house
How To Get Rid Of Skunks From Under House Using the Best Removal Method. Skunks are nocturnal, so you might never see them enter or exit your porch. It’s best to hire a wildlife removal service because if you block the hole yourself and trap a skunk underneath, it could die, and a dead skunk can cause a lingering skunk spray smell for a long time as it decomposes.
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Best Fall Wildlife Control Tips, Best Skunk Removal Advice, Best Squirrel Removal Tips
 Squirrel Removal Cost, Raccoon Removal, Best Wildlife Removal Cost
Affordable Skunk Removal Cost Near Bramalea

Dangers Associated with Skunks On Your Property

Nuisance animals like skunks release a spray from ducts beneath their tails if they perceive danger. While this spray is foul-smelling, getting sprayed by a skunk isn’t harmful unless it gets into the eyes. Unfortunately, skunks can be carriers of rabies and canine distemper, so you’ll need precautions whenever these animals enter your yard.

Your best action would be to call a highly-rated pest removal company with reviews. Not only do these professionals have the expertise needed to remove the nuisance animals safely, but they also know how to keep them out of unwanted areas.

Skunk Under Porch Brampton
Get Rid of a Skunk From Under Your Porch in Brampton – A mother skunk teaches baby skunks many survival skills and where to find shelter is high on the list.


Tips on Getting Skunks Out of Your Yard Safely

Skunk pest control starts by looking to remove things in your yard that might attract skunks and other wild animals. Storing leftover plywood and stuff you don’t want to throw away from a household project behind your shed can unwittingly create shelter for wildlife so simply rearranging or removing things like that in your yard can stop passersby from staying put.

Skunks often invade residential areas in search of food or for a nesting place to raise their litter. While these creatures don’t pose much of a threat unless you startle them into spraying or biting you, it is a good idea to avoid letting them stay.

raccoon removal, Skunk Removal from window well protection screening
raccoon humane removal service, Skunk Removal from window well, wildlife-proof protection screening
Skunk Control
Skunks love to eat lawn grubs so eliminating this easy food source is one step to

Reduce the risk of getting sprayed by a skunk by reducing the skunk traffic through your property.

Block holes under the fenceline and gate to the backyard to divert the easy route skunks use to get from point A to point B.

Skunks are creatures of habit but should choose a new route if it’s easier for them to go around your property rather than constantly digging new holes under your fence to get to where they’re going.

The Best Wildlife Removal Companies Give Customers Options instead of one ‘all or nothing’ option. That being said, if you have a skunk underneath your deck or shed, the ‘do all prevention’ approach is the best way to rid skunks from your property.

Getting rid of skunks from your yard safely is simple if you bring in a wildlife removal company to install the required materials and give you a guarantee to stop skunks.

Skunk Removal Brampton

Quick Skunk Spray Remedy

A quick home remedy for skunk spray is a mixture that includes:

– 1 quart of 3-% hydrogen peroxide

– 1/4 cup of baking soda

– 1 teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap

Combine these ingredients and use immediately on the sprayed area, as the mixture is not stable for long-term storage. It is recommended for use on pets like dogs that have been sprayed by a skunk. Be sure to avoid the eyes and rinse thoroughly after application.

Can Your Dog Catch Canine Distemper from Raccoons? Brampton Animal Control Tips
Keep your pets safe from canine distemper and rabies by removing raccoons, skunks and other wildlife from underneath the deck. If your dog gets sprayed by a skunk start by washing it with hydrogen peroxide and tomato juice, and get help from a veterinarian if your dog gets scratched or bitten by wildlife.

Skunk Nesting Habits

Skunks usually mate in late winter and have their litter of four to seven babies in the spring. It’s important not to capture the mother during baby season. Rather than trapping and relocating, prevention screening should be installed to block skunks from nesting areas. Trapping is not a permanent solution to getting rid of skunks and can even cost more than prevention screening.

Once a skunk has taken up residence at your home, it’s often too late to discourage her from leaving. Female skunks, in particular, will probably be looking for a place to have their litter so they won’t be in a hurry to leave.

When skunks, do squirrels & raccoons have babies?

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Top-Rated Skunk Pest Control Company, AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Testimonials, Raccoon Removal Toronto Reviews, Squirrel Removal Toronto Endorsements
Hire the best wildlife removal companies. When Is Squirrel Baby Season Squirrel Removal Scarborough
When Is Squirrel Baby Season? Squirrel Removal Brampton


Where to Look for Skunks in Your Yard

Skunks love an easy food source like your overflowing garbage cans or tasty vegetable garden with assess to a nearby den site. It’s ideal for them to move into existing burrows that have been abandoned if the entry hole is accessible. Skunks are poor climbers and prefer ground-level secluded areas, such as the space found beneath patios, porches, and decks. If there are no burrows in your yard, skunks might seek shelter inside an unused shed, woodpile, or compost pile.

Animal Control Brampton

Wildlife Removal Services

Our Peel Region Wild Animal Control Service in Brampton, Ontario offers humane removal and exclusion services to keep your home safe from unwanted wild animals. We specialize in identifying entry points and providing exclusion services that prevent the animal from returning.

To Get Rid Of A Nuisance Skunk From Your Property Safely, We Make Sure To Always Stick To Local ByLaws

Don’t let skunks invade your property – take action with the humane approach of skilled skunk pest control professionals! Most cities have local bylaws in place that outline guidelines for wildlife control, and the safest solution is to hire experts who specialize in skunk removal. These professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to efficiently solve the problem.

Using a combination of one-way doors, prevention screening, and live cage traps, these experts ensure that skunks are removed from your property without harm and relocated to a safer environment. Say goodbye to skunks with the trusted assistance of wildlife control professionals.

Pest Control, PEST CONTROL Brampton

Pest Control Services

Pest control services in Peel Region are just a click away when you contact Affordable Wildlife Control. We have over 20 years of experience in humanely removing pests like raccoons, squirrels, and skunks from residential and commercial properties.

Preventing Skunks from Coming Back – Our Best 10 Wildlife Control & Removal Tips

Preventing skunks from returning to your yard isn’t always easy and homemade skunk repellents and chicken wire just aren’t good enough to to keep urban skunks away permanently. However, a few strategies can help deter them from your backyard. Just follow these tips:

  1. Remove food sources.
  2. Keep garbage in tight-fitting trash cans at all times.
  3. Never leave pet food outside.
  4. Monitor bird feeders for spillage.
  5. Pick up fallen fruit and nuts from trees.
  6. Fence in vegetable and fruit gardens.
  7. Fill in unoccupied existing burrows in your yard.
  8. Enclose open spaces underneath steps, patios, porches, and decks.

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