Squirrel Control – A Comprehensive Guide to Squirrel Infestation Management

Recognizing a Squirrel Infestation in Your Home

Suppose you’re a resident of Mississauga, regardless of whether you’re on rural farmland, urban areas, or suburban settings. In that case, you may have spotted the occasional squirrel running up a tree, around on your lawn, or across your surrounding green space.

However, if you notice an increase in squirrel activity, specifically around or inside your home, it may be a sign of an infestation, and you probably need wildlife control; our wildlife removal experts can walk you through our process.

Scratching noises or running/scurrying in walls or ceilings, droppings, and visible stains on your ceiling indicate that you have some unwanted wildlife guests. Squirrels often seek a warm place to nest, and houses with entry points, such as loose vent covers or roof holes, are prime targets.

It’s important to safely remove squirrels from your home as they can cause significant property damage and risk spreading diseases.

Don’t hesitate to contact AAA Affordable Wildlife Control, a professional wildlife removal company, to handle the situation before the cold weather arrives and it becomes a bigger problem.  

When (and Why) Squirrels Bust into Your Attic

Have you ever wondered why squirrels break into your attic? Well, they’re looking for a warm and safe shelter to nest in during winter months. With the cold and snow outside, attics can provide a perfect isolated, warm place with just enough insulation to keep them cozy, and they can build up a cache of food sources that can sustain them through winter.

This is why investing in prevention screening on any other vulnerable areas on your roof is imperative when you’re evicting squirrels. Wildlife removal experts will always recommend preventative work to ensure your best results. These squirrels could have a season’s worth of food inside and will be adamant to return in another way.

Another reason squirrels enter your attic is the shrinking outdoor green space. This becomes especially urgent for pregnant squirrels and those with babies. As humans take over more and more wildlife areas, squirrels have fewer natural shelter options to turn to. This leads them to enter local Mississauga homes instead, and that’s when you would need to call wildlife removal services.

While the squirrels may cause some unwanted damage, it’s important to remember that they are simply trying to survive and find a safe home for themselves and their young.

The Importance of a Professional Squirrel Inspection

Upon receiving your call regarding a suspected animal infestation and possible removal in Mississauga, our team of certified technicians springs into action. The objective of our squirrel inspection service is twofold:

  1. Assessing the Damage: Regarding squirrels, they can cause a lot of damage that we might overlook. Entry points can be found in various areas, such as chewed holes in your roof vent caps or small gaps in your roofline; Mississauga wildlife can be very determined when the temperature drops. From nibbling through insulation to gnawing on electrical wires, the damage caused by these critters can be extensive and expensive. That’s where a professional squirrel inspection comes in. With their extensive experience in dealing with these little critters, they can assess the damage caused by squirrels and ensure your shelter is safe once more. Most homeowners don’t have the knowledge or equipment to deal with squirrel problems like this, so it’s wise to leave inspections to the wildlife removal services industry.
  2. Identifying the Intruder: Do you suspect an unwanted critter has occupied your attic space? With the cold weather approaching, it’s essential to confirm the presence of any intruders before they cause extensive damage to your property and arrange to get removal services professionals there quickly to remove them safely. We will identify the hole or entry point these little critters would have used to access your home. By examining roof vents, insulation, and other areas, an experienced technician can determine whether or not squirrels are the culprits behind any strange noises or damage. Don’t let a pesky squirrel ruin your winter season – schedule an inspection today with AAA Affordable Wildlife Control to protect your home and peace of mind. More than just assessing the entry point damage, our inspection aims to confirm the presence of squirrels. Since various rodents may leave similar traces, precise identification is crucial for effective treatment. A professional inspection done by a humane wildlife removal services company can address your wildlife concerns and confirm that squirrels are getting in, otherwise, it may be a pest control agency that you need for mice or rats. Pest control typically involves poisons or traps to get rid of mice or rats, while wildlife control takes a more humane approach. Noises in your attic or walls could be a sign of raccoons or other larger animals, which usually require more specialized removal techniques, such as employing a one-way door. It’s essential to consider the ethical implications of the methods used, especially when dealing with animals that may have babies to care for. In Mississauga, professional wildlife control services can help you safely and humanely handle any pesky visitors on your property.
  3. How we do it: There’s nothing more distressing than hearing little feet scurrying above your head in the dead of night, only to discover that squirrels have taken up residence in your attic. It would be best if you had wildlife control. Not only can wildlife infestations cause severe damage to your home, but they create unsanitary conditions with their droppings and urine.
  4. So, how do you get them out? Hiring professionals who can remove squirrels humanely and understand wildlife control in Mississauga, Ontario, is a good idea. It involves locating their access points and using strong wire mesh screens and one-way doors to allow the squirrels to exit, but will prevent them from returning. Babies in the nest must be removed by hand, placed in a baby box and reunited with their mother outside. Prevention mesh should then be installed to safeguard against future infestations. Remember, it’s not just about the squirrels; animals like raccoons, birds, and bats can also occupy your attic. Call experienced professionals to ensure a safe and successful removal so you can have a pest-freeMississaugahome and property.

A point of caution: Inspecting your attic for a squirrel problem may seem like a DIY situation, but it’s essential to proceed cautiously. Squirrels can be territorial and aggressive when attempting to defend their nest, and although you want them removed from outdoor spaces, the inspection process can be dangerous for untrained individuals. The situation can become even more complicated during baby season as mother squirrels fiercely protect their young. It’s imperative to have a complete understanding of squirrel behaviour and proper handling techniques to avoid injury. Once the inspection is completed, it’s also important to ensure that the squirrels, or other common animals, do not re-enter the attic, as they can cause damage to wiring, insulation, and other essential components of your home. Don’t take any risks — trust the professionals at AAA Affordable Wildlife Control for your attic squirrel inspection.

Post-Inspection: Crafting a Tailored Squirrel Management Plan to Solve Your Wildlife Infestation

Following a thorough and detailed squirrel roof and attic inspection, you can expect a comprehensive report outlining all necessary measures to safeguard your Mississauga property from these pesky critters. Our team of experienced technicians understands the importance of protecting your valuable investment. They will go above and beyond to ensure your space remains free from squirrels and other wildlife intrusion. Whether you need preventative measures or post-inspection remediation work, our team has you covered. With our expert guidance, your property will again be a safe and secure haven for you and your family. Our expert recommendations are designed to:

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Attic and Walls
How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Attic and Walls
  • Eradicate the Infestation: Dealing with unwanted critters can be frustrating and overwhelming, but fear not! With years of experience and knowledge, we have the pros of eradicating the situation cost-effectively and humanely. Our advice is simple: prevention is key. By installing a prevention mesh around areas of your home, you can avoid future intruders and keep your home critter-free. In Ontario, suburban areas are not immune to these occurrences, so seeking removal services is crucial before it spirals out of control. Trust us to efficiently and safely remove the squirrels from your attic so you can have peace of mind knowing your home is secure. We discuss the most humane and effective strategies for removing squirrels from your premises.
  • Prevent Future Invasions: Squirrels in your attic can be an ongoing issue that overwhelms and frustrates you. But fear not! AAA Affordable Wildlife Control has the prevention advice and practices to make your attic less attractive to these unwanted visitors. Their team of experts specializes in squirrel control in Mississauga and will work tirelessly to eliminate the problem for good. It’s imperative to seal entry points. Many squirrel removal Mississauga companies are operating, but they’re not all the same.
  • With their practical and proven methods and ability to humanely remove wild intruders, you can trust that AAA Affordable Wildlife Control will end your squirrel issue and prevent it from reoccurring. Don’t let any of these pesky critters take over your home, whether it’s a raccoon removal service, a skunk removal from under your deck, or any other pest control issue – reach out to AAA Affordable Wildlife Control today for humane wildlife removal services in Mississauga, Ontario and a solution you can count on.

As urban and suburban settings expand, it’s no surprise that a wildlife problem with animals like squirrels arises in homeowners’ properties. But fear not because our team has developed and implemented proven strategies for humane squirrel removal in Mississauga homes.

Our approach to minimize disruption to both the homeowner and the squirrel sets us apart, leaving everyone satisfied. Our techniques are environmentally friendly and tailored to fit any situation, and we ensure successful removal.

Whether applying a one-way door or utilizing exclusion devices, we use only humane methods to avoid any harm to the animal.

We understand the importance of wildlife in our ecosystem and strive to maintain a balance between wildlife and human activities. Contact our team today to solve your squirrel problem!

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We’re a wildlife removal company you can trust. You’re not alone if you’re struggling with wildlife removal in Mississauga, in your home or commercial property. That’s where AAA Affordable Wildlife Control comes in.

Our team of experts offers humane removal for any local wildlife problems you may face. We’ll inspect your property for any signs of squirrel activity and locate any nests they may have built on your roof or attic. And yes, that includes safely removing any babies that may be involved.

Don’t let a pesky squirrel problem ruin your day- call AAA Affordable Wildlife Control today! We invite you to contact our team for more information about our comprehensive squirrel inspection and management services.

Our commitment is to restore the balance between humans and wildlife and bring peace to your home by addressing the root cause of the squirrel problem. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and take the first step towards a squirrel-free home or any other wildlife situation.

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