Raccoon Removal & Squirrel Removal Cost


How much does an average wildlife removal job cost in Toronto & Greater Toronto Area?

Do you need info on raccoon removal and squirrel removal pricing ? An exterior roof inspection and dealing with one wildlife entry hole or problem area is usually included in the cost of basic wildlife removal job using a one-way door installed over the point of entry.

  • Squirrel One Way Door $145
  • Raccoon One Way Door $215
  • Skunk One-Way Door $215
  • Removal Raccoon One-Way & Seal Hole (included with basic service charge)
  • Full Exterior Roof Inspection + Quote For Prevention $150
  • Tree Branch Removal – Price Varies
  • Deodorizing – At customers request only – Free Application at Point Os Entry
  • (416) 560-4656

In order to remove squirrels and raccoons from attic spaces, a specialized one-way door must be installed over the entry hole. Once the wild raccoon or squirrel exits the attic (through the one-way door) in search of food and water, they won’t be able to get back in that particular area.

Why spend weeks, months or even years trying to evict nuisance raccoons and squirrels from your property using the DIY approach? Simply employ the expertise of our affordable wildlife removal company to get lasting results that didn’t cost the highest industry prices. No hidden fees or high pressure


I Provide High Quality, Guaranteed Work For A Lower Price Than My Competitors!

Reliable, Expert, Fully Licensed Wildlife Removal At An Affordable Rate.

Humane Removal Of:

  • Raccoon Removal, Raccoon Baby Removal From Attics
  • Skunk Removal From Under Shed, Porch & Decks
  • Squirrel Nest Removal From Wall Vent
  • Bird Nest Removal From Stove Exhaust, Humane Baby Bird Removals and Recommendations
  • Bat Prevention Services
  • Visible Wasp Nest Removal
  • Call and get all the right information from our lovely and always friendly customer service agent. 
  • Get the results you desire in a matter of day. Live squirrel & raccoon free by installing chew/bite proof, animal prevention screening!
  • Get affordable pricing for humane wildlife control in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Learn how much raccoon & squirrel removal + attic prevention cost in Toronto & Brampton.
  • Get reasonable rates to do a “full wildlife prevention” job.
  • Get the average cost of raccoon & skunk removal from under a deck or shed. 
  • Discover if there are any free raccoon removal services anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

3 Reasons Why Raccoon Removal & Squirrel Removal Is Not Cheap: How To Keep Costs low

Have you ever tried the DIY approach to save some cash just to discover you don’t know what you’re doing? Of course, we all have to some extent. The trick is to not invest too much time, effort and especially money into the task before realizing you are completely out of your depth.

Below are a few reasons why squirrel removals and raccoon removal service is not cheap, some better reasons than others. You can keep costs low by taking the right approach from day one and hire an affordable wildlife removal company, one that knows what they’re doing but that also doesn’t charge the highest charges.

  1. 🕵🏾‍♂️Wildlife Control Is Skilled Labour – Just the working at heights part of most wildlife removal jobs is reason enough to pay to have raccoon and squirrel holes in the roof fixed by a wildlife control company. Accessing baby raccoons and squirrels inside the nest in tight quarters such as an attic or craw space can be quite challanging. Wildlife control companies will know what to expect when inside the attic with a mother raccoon and her babies so this task is definitely best left to the professionals.
  2. 💷 Money Up Front Investment – Protecting all the usual target areas on an home provides a long-term solution to any wildlife control problem. It will cost more up front but can save a lot in the end by protecting the roof exterior and attic insulation from damage and soiled areas if the animals were to get back inside multiple times.
  3. 💰 Advertising Fees: Are you paying too much for wildlife control? – Franchise Fees & Lead Generation Fees is where the costs for wildlife control spikes with somme other companies. Lead-generation is kind of like booking a hotel with a middleman company that picks a hotel for you. Essentially staying in the same room but paying a lot more than if you called the hotel directly. Normal advertising fees to be expected to be factored into a wildlife removal service from a local company in your area. You want to make sure that the website you found online is the same company that gives you an invoice, if not, you’re likely paying high lead generation fees. These top of the page “Ads” with company names with no local presence or links to leave reviews might not even be from Canada and is certainly a Lead Generation Business who will sell your appointment to an actual wildlife control company, for a 35% fee of what ever you spend, costing you much more than what you really needed to pay to get guaranteed results with a local, family run wildlife removal company. You can get still get great service hiring wildlife control off of the “pay ads” it might just cost more if its a business that sells your squirrel or raccoon removal job for profit.

Bonus Reasons Why You Might Pay Too Much For Wildlife Removal

  • High Pressure Upsales And Scare Tactics – There is nothing wrong with the service provided by most of the bigger wildlife removal companies in Toronto. Bigger wildlife control companies simply tend to charge customers the highest industry prices. It’s no secret that the wildlife control industry has a busy baby season as well as a slower winter season. The staff at some wildlife control companies are sometimes under pressure to “SELL, SELL, SELL” extra, not always necessary screens & sprays at every single house, to keep a high daily sales average that will carry them through the slower winter months.

(Q) What other costs may be incurred in the squirrel removal and raccoon removal process?

  • Prevention screening added to target areas on a house is optional but comes highly recommended as a long-term solution to raccoon proofing any home. An average house usually has about $200 to $500 of extra, optional prevention screening that could be added. A bigger house may have more vulnerable areas that need protection.
    Squirrel in attic control
    City: Brampton

    Fast, prompt and very affordable service! Thanks Blair for all you hard work today.

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Although it is easy to stop raccoons from entering your home, it is not easy to evict them from your roof, wall, or porch. There are provincial laws that guard wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, and skunks from harm.

Squirrel Removal Scarborough

We, therefore, recommend that you hire a professional wildlife control technician who follows all regulations to permanently remove the raccoons. Laws prohibit you from killing raccoons and other wildlife or taking them more than a kilometre away from where they are trapped.

The All Or Nothing Approach – Why Some Wildlife Companies Give Such High Estimates for Removing Raccoons and Squirrels

If you’re getting a free onsite estimate from a wildlife control company offering a multiple-point or “50 point inspection” you will likely end up with a super high quote. High, meaning as high as you would get from any wildlife removal in the Greater Toronto Area.

It’s easier for a company to book a customer when they offer a free on-site estimate. Once on-site, you will get a couple of options, the first option is to just do the “basic job” of usually one entry hole. This price can be close to double compared to an affordable family owned wildlife control company near you. The second option is “full prevention” which gets you wire screening on all the usual potential animal entry areas like vents, soffit intersections and problem rooflines, usuall all done for the higest industry prices.

Either option you go for is a win for the wildlife removal company because even their lowest charge for one entry hole is typically much higher than wildlife removal companies charging a small inspection fee.

Going with the extra recommend screening is great for preventing squirrels & raccoons from returning to the inside of an attic. The question is are you getting a reasonable price or are you paying for other people’s free inspections who didn’t use the service.

Don’t expect a free on-site inspection from a wildlife removal company if you live in a townhouse or semi-detached house. Raccoons and squirrels can easily bypass firewalls using the soffits so the entry hole could be on the neighbouring roof but the nest, noise and babies in a different attic. Neighbours need to be involved for the eviction process to work so even the free inspection companies charge per unit to inspect in these cases.

Raccoon Removal Toronto Cost – Raccoons in Brampton and Their Removal Cost

As raccoons in Brampton & Toronto have adapted to the presence of humans in their environment, they have become increasingly willing to move into attics without fear.

Their populations have grown over the years as they enjoy a life filled with easily accessible food and plenty of space to roam. Although it can be entertaining to watch a family of raccoons frolicking in the yard, it can be downright upsetting when they live inside of your attic or continually upset your garbage cans and costing you money.

When Do Raccoons Have Babies and Will It Cost More When Hiring a Wildlife Control Company?

In Toronto, raccoons breed during the months ranging from January to May. Therefore, these are the months when this animal is actively looking for a way to break into your attic. Female raccoons prefer to live in a warm, quiet space to raise their young without fear of predators.

Raccoons want to protect their young and will rip open soffit on the roof to gain entry. If the attic is inaccessible to the females, they will look for an area beneath a porch, deck, or shed. Raccoons have also been known to crawl into uncapped chimneys in search of a nesting area.

Litters generally average three to five babies, known as kits. Some litters are as large as seven young. The gestation period is approximately two months. This means that all kits are born between the months of March and June. Generally, the young will live with the mother until the next spring, when they strike out on their own, making room for a new litter.

11 Wildlife Control & Wildlife Removal Company Tips. Better Wildlife Removal Companies Give Customers Options

Knowing how much raccoon removal in Toronto will cost you is the first step to living pest-free. Knowing the average cost of prevention will help you make the right decision when you get an estimate. Whatever the cost, raccoon removal is well worth the money, don’t delay or the amount you pay could rise greatly.

Waiting for the sound of crying baby raccoons to stop or go away is not the answer, this will only cost more time, money & aggravation.

We Service The Greater Toronto Area! Hire our raccoon removal and squirrel removal Markham service today.

The Real Cost of Ignoring a Squirrel Problem  

Squirrels are small creatures with bushy tails that run around climbing trees and gathering nuts, but they do a lot more than that. Squirrels are actually more important to the environment than you may realize. For example, they dig holes and bury many of the seeds and nuts they collect, so they can dig them up later.

However, they don’t dig all of them up and many of the ones left in the ground will sprout and grow into new plants and trees. As a result, squirrels play a major role in the ecosystem. They also eat beetles, grubs, and other insects so they help control the insect population.

These cute little creatures have a purpose in nature, as do all animals and they seem harmless enough, so most people don’t think too much about them. That is until they move into your home and start destroying your property. When this happens, you’ll need squirrel removal to help get them under control.

Most people don’t realize the true damage a squirrel or family of squirrels can do until they’ve had to live with them. Hiring a local Toronto squirrel removal company is the easiest way to eliminate the nuisance proble.

How Squirrels Become a Problem for Homeowners

When squirrels move into your home, they can be both annoying and destructive. These small creatures can be very noisy, especially when they get into your attic and walls. You can hear them scratching and crawling around as they build homes and find hiding places for their food. They can get really noisy in the early morning hours, and even keep you awake at night.

Squirrels can be very annoying but more importantly, they can do a lot of damage to your home. They chew holes in your roof, vents, and walls, along with anywhere else they decide they would like to have an entry point into their new home.

They urinate and leave droppings in crawlspaces and other areas of your home that will begin to smell and over time it can have a negative effect on your health. The smell also attracts other squirrels, encouraging them to move in as well.

Having a family of squirrels living in your home can also become a fire hazard. They don’t know that the wires running through the walls and other areas of your house are dangerous when chewed on.

When they chew through these wires, it can cause a spark, resulting in a house fire. But the squirrel is just trying to sharpen his teeth, as he would do in the wild. For these reasons, if they move into your home, you need professional squirrel removal to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Do You Have a Squirrel Problem But Don’t Want To Pay Too Much?

Squirrels are not very picky. They will build homes in trees or anywhere else they find that provides shelter. When they find a place where they feel safe, they’ll never leave of their own free will.

When that place is under or inside your home and buildings, you have a squirrel problem. If you see holes, scratch marks, and similar damage on the exterior of your home or holes in the ground leading under your house, these indicate that a family of squirrels may have moved in. They are also very common in attics, which provide a nice environment for them until you hear them running or scratching above you. 

If you see squirrels running in and out of your home, garage, or shed, or if you hear strange noises in your attic or walls, you have a problem. Once they gain access into your home, they’ll dig and chew until they have multiple entry points leading to their nests where they store food, have babies, and create quite a nuisance. If you notice any of these signs, you have a squirrel problem and it’s time to consider squirrel removal. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem will become. 

Squirrel Removal – Non-Lethal Methods Are The Most Cost-Effective Approach

Get squirrel removal near yonge st, Ontario. Squirrels are part of the rodent family and they can do a lot of damage to your home, so you don’t want them living inside your personal space. On the other hand, since these animals do play an important role in nature, you don’t want to do anything to harm them when removing them from your property.

This is why non-lethal wildlife control methods are used to remove these animals. It’s also the reason why it’s best to have a professional squirrel control company remove them from your property instead of trying to do it yourself. Hiring a professional is also safer because these creatures will bite and scratch when threatened. If you’re not trained to handle them properly they can cause you physical harm.

The two main types of removal methods used are one-way doors and traps. The professional service will inspect and evaluate your situation to determine which method to use. Once they’re certain there are no more squirrels in your home, it’s time to take preventative measures to keep them from coming back.

How to Prevent Squirrels from Becoming an Expensive Problem

Squirrel removal can help you get rid of these destructive little creatures. However, taking steps to prevent them from becoming a problem before they move in will save you a lot of time and aggravation later. If they have already moved in, once they are removed you can begin taking these steps to keep them from coming back.

Start by eliminating access to food that will draw them to your home. The food in your trash, bird feeders, and even your pet’s food is an invitation for squirrels to move in. So keep the lids tight on your garbage cans, place bird feeders away from the house and keep the pet food in a place where these animals cannot get to it.

The next step is to use screens to block vents and chimneys to prevent the squirrels from gaining access to your home. You can also replace any rotting wood or shingles and repair any holes to help deter these animals and keep them out of your house. Just make sure that there is not already a family of squirrels living in your house before you block everything off.

Watching squirrels run around and playing in the trees is a great way to spend your time when relaxing at home but you don’t want them taking over and causing damage to your house. They are very persistent and stubborn animals.

Once they move in, it can be difficult to get rid of them. It’s not a task that you want to tackle alone and you don’t have to. Squirrel removal is available to help keep these pesky creatures out of your home in a safe and humane way. Always call a professional as soon as you realize you have a problem with squirrels moving into your home or business. 

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