Pest Infestation – Telltale Signs You Have a Problem


Pest Infestation – Telltale Signs You Have a Problem

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Pest Infestation – Pest Control Tips

Pests are sneaky little things, rarely showing themselves when you are looking. But just because you cannot see them, does it mean they are not there? Possibly not, and fortunately there are a few signs that pests leave to alert you to their presence.

Why you should be concerned
But why should you be concerned about pests? The answer is because pests, whether they be rodents, insects or other animals, often carry diseases that can, if they take up residence in your home, lead to health issues for you and your family. Cockroaches, for example, carry allergens in their saliva and droppings and have been known to increase the severity of asthma attacks, while rodents can carry the Hantavirus in their droppings and infect your food work surfaces, leading to food contamination.

Telltale signs
The most obvious sign of a pest infestation will be droppings. With mice, you can expect to find droppings in and around food areas, as it is the ready availability of food that attracts them, but they can inhabit any room in a property. Mice and other rodents will do their best to avoid being seen and will spend most of their time in places that are not visible, such as behind kitchen cabinetry kick spaces and fridges. Their droppings, small dark grey and black pellets, are unmistakable and it is also likely you will be able to smell their urine. You may even notice dirt tracks on your surfaces where they have been scurrying around. If you have a pet cat or dog, the smell of rodents and their urine will cause them to become excited, so pay attention if your pet’s behaviour suddenly changes.

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Rodents will also nest, so check the darkest corners of your home for evidence of nesting materials, such as shredded paper. Rodents will attempt to get into your food, so keep an eye out for packaging that has gnawing marks or holes in them.

Insects leave other traces. Whilst it is normal to find the odd dead fly or bug around your home, clusters of shed wings and dead bodies are likely to mean you have an infestation. Insects that destroy wood, such as termites, will leave small piles of sawdust or powder-like residues.

How to deal with pests
If you only see rodents at night, it is likely that their numbers are small and so can be dealt with using humane traps and bait. However, if you do catch sight of rodents during the daytime, it is a sign of a larger infestation. Although it can be tempting to use over-the-counter treatments to get rid of insect pests, it is unlikely that such products will deal with the long-term issue, as they often work on specific bodies onto which they are sprayed rather than a whole colony.

For severe infestations, the only sure way of eradicating the problem is to hire a professional pest controller.

A professional pest control company will carry out an assessment of your problem and advise on the most effective eradication treatment, helping to protect the health of your home and your family.

Find a local pest professional in your city, town, suburb, village, hamlet…Toronto, GTA & Beyond!

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