Raccoon Removal Repairs No Roof Vent is 100% Animal Proof

No Roof Vent is 100% Animal Proof.

Your roof is supposed to protect you and your family from the weather and, hopefully, unwanted animals in the attic. When you have a leak in your roof or hear loud animal sounds in the attic, you must hire professional roofers or nuisance wildlife control operators to repair the leak or remove the animal as soon as possible. If you do not repair the leak, your home can get damaged. This will make your home more prone to future leaks and rot that turn into easy entry points for nuisance wildlife, leading to more damage inside your roof’s attic space.

Raccoon Removal and Repair Brampton
These “slant back” roof vents are what roofers suggest when a customer calls them to ask about raccoon proof roof vents. The fact is they are not 100% raccoon proof just like all the other ones. Raccoon Removal and Repair Brampton

Wildlife Removal And Roof Repair Services Are A Critical Part Of The Maintenance Of Your Home

The Complete Guide to our Affordable Wildlife Removal and Repairs.

Roofers VS Wildlife Control

Roof Repairs & Wildlife Prevention is a significant investment for homeowners. Knowing the difference between a roofer, a contractor, and a wildlife control technician is important before hiring one for your particular situation.

🏠 A roofer installs and repairs roofs, gutters, and downspouts.

🦝 Wildlife control experts may also repair roof damage created by squirrels and raccoons. Still, they are more likely to be involved in installing prevention measures to stop animal damage before it happens.

What’s the best way to decide who to call first, a roofer or wildlife control, if it’s not obvious? You don’t want to pay inspection fees to the wrong company, so it’s best to speak with friends, neighbours, and family members who have had similar roofing or animal issues with a wildlife invasion or roofing issues.

Roof Repair & Wildlife Damage Repairs: Who To Hire First

A Few Scenarios That May Trigger You To Hire Wildlife Control or Pest Control

You find a roof vent on the ground but don’t know if you need a roofer or wildlife control.

Wrong: You hire a roofer because you assume the wind blew off the roof vent, and the roofer will agree and fix or replace the vent. They want to collect their services charge and not waste time, but they’re potentially locking the animal inside the attic.

Right: If you hire wildlife removal experts, they will inform you that vents are designed to withstand strong gusts of wind but not raccoons which is nine times out of 10 the reason vent caps are separated from the base of the vent allowing access to the attic.

If the base & cap of the whole vent are still attached and it’s on the ground, this might result from wind and bad roofing. If the roofers missed a few nails when installing a vent, a gust of wind could lift the base and flip it over. The same thing happens to shingles if the roofers do not peel off the plastic strips on the bottom edge of each shingle before installing them. The top shingle can’t stick to the bottom shingle if the plastic strip is covering the tar. Removing this plastic strip must be an annoying, tedious part of shingling a roof because so many roofs are like this,, and it is the # 1 reason shingles blow off roofs.

roof vent raccoon removal and repair roof ventsRoof Vent Cover for Wildlife Removal and Repair
LEFT: A roofer replaced the damaged plastic roof vents with metal roof vents, and yet the raccoon still broke a hole in the side to get back inside the customer’s attic. RIGHT: Our Affordable Wildlife Control expert installed wildlife-proof covers over the existing roof vents to 100% solve the raccoon problem.

  • Broken or whole shingles are found on the ground – Bits of broken shingles visible on the roof from the ground result from raccoons. When they target the usual weak spots on a roof, they may not always get inside the attic space, but there will still be damage to repair. If you hire a wildlife control company, they will know if the damaged area is an entry hole that needs a specialized one-way door exit installed before the repair.
LEFT: Wind damage to shingles + Raccoons entering the attic via a missing roof vent. A previous customer found broken shingles on the ground after severe wind gusts in Mississauga. Right: Loud scratching was heard in the attic over the following days. This Raccoon Removal Mississauga and roof repair were done on the spot for a reasonable cost which was lower than hiring a roofer to do repairs after the raccoon removal process. When we return for the raccoon one-way door, we will install a new roof vent along with an animal-proof vent cover to prevent further damage and entry.

  • Occasional noise inside or outside the roof – Pest control is usually who to call for occasional noise since raccoons and squirrels are usually consistent with noise and have a routine of coming in and out for food and water. You may call a roofer first or wildlife control for this to check for damage. Since you’ve never had rat or mouse problems inside the living space, you might think it can’t be a pest issue.
Affordable Pest Removal
Do You Think You Need Pest Control But Don’t Want To Waste Money On Inspection Fees? If You’re Wrong? Read These 4 Reasons Your Roof Could Be Making Odd Sounds Before Hiring A Pest Control. 

Roof Repair From Wildlife Damage Is A Costly Issue For Homeowners.

The cost factors of hiring a wildlife control service to fix and prevent another wildlife problem are:

– Type of material needed to prevent wild animal damage (heavy gauge wire mesh, sheet metal, drip-edge, wire roof vent covers to fit over the top of the existing metal and plastic roof vents, one-way doors for safe removal)

Dead Animals – Animals get stuck inside attics when roofers lock them inside by repairing entry holes without installing one-way doors. You might think you’re saving money by hiring a roofer instead of wildlife control experts. Still, the cost of removing dead animals or repairing more damage could significantly increase if this happens.

Wildlife Control Cost Near Yonge St Ontario, Bat Removal, Raccoon Removal
Wildlife Removal and Roof Repair – Squirrel Removal and Raccoon Removal Cost in the Toronto Area.

Wildlife Removal Roof Repair Timelines

How long does it take for all the animals to leave the attic and for the follow-up visit to fix the damage to the roof?

In many cases, the animals are out within a couple of days and the damaged part of the roof can be fixed quickly. If a roof has an area of missing shingles or a hole in the roof vent, this can be replaced or fixed with a quick patchwork job. However, it may need to be replaced if there is extensive damage to the roof vent from raccoons or squirrels‘ chewing holes.

Pest Control in Brampton
MICE CONTROL MICE PEST CONTROL – Pest control Brampton solutions.

Roof Repair & Maintenance Tips That Will Save You Money In The Long Run

How To Get A Quality Roofing Service With A Minimal Amount Of Hassle?

Roofing is a huge investment and should not be taken lightly. A new roof can be the perfect way to increase the overall value of your home. Choosing the right company for you can be difficult with so many options. But fortunately, we have some tips that will help guide you through the process of finding a quality roofing service with minimal hassle.

Types Of Roofs

Types of Roofing: There are a few different types of roofing materials that you can choose from. These include asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and fibre cement.

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material in the Greater Toronto Area. They are very easy to install as they do not require a lot of preparation to put up in your house.

Installation: No matter what type of roofing material you choose, it is important to install it properly. Remember that you are dealing with a roof system that protects your home from the weather.

Maintenance: You will need regular maintenance on your roof to keep it in good condition.

Repair: If something goes wrong with your roof due to animal damage, you will need a wildlife specialist who also knows about roofing to repair it.

Conclusion: Make sure you take the time to research all of the roofing services & wildlife control services before deciding. Not all roofing/wildlife options are done humanely, and there is a lot of misinformation. Use the information above to make the best decision, including humane practices for your home.

Affordable Wildlife Control & Roofing Repairs Service

Affordable Wildlife Control is a full-service Brampton animal control company. We are experts in animal control and humane removal and roof repairs. We specialize in Squirrel Removal, Raccoon Removal, Opossum Removal, Birds Nest Removal and Rodent Exclusion.

Do you havehttps://affordablewildlifecontrol.com/squirrel-raccoon-removal-brampton/ wildlife issues like squirrel problems, raccoon problems, or other unwanted critter problems?  Have wild animals damaged shingles and vents? We offer high-quality wildlife removal and roof repair for raccoon shingle damage and can replace chewed vents destroyed by squirrels. You’ll rest easier with our guaranteed animal removal service. We don’t need to rip your house apart, and we repair the animal damage after excluding and preventing unwanted pests.

Affordable  Wildlife Control technicians do an excellent job specializing in several animals and have a high success rate of evicting many urban wildlife species. Our dependable and affordable wild animal control techniques target the animals’ access points and are essential for property owners who want a clean and tidy living space. We adhere to local laws when deploying our wildlife control measures and can deliver sick and injured wildlife to animal care centers when required.

Call us now For Wildlife Removal and Roof Repair.

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