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When Do Squirrel, Raccoons and Skunks Have Babies. When do the babies leave the nest? 1. Squirrels have babies twice a year, March to April & July to August. 2. Raccoons March to as late as August. 3. Skunks will give birth in late April & May.
When Do Squirrels, Raccoons and Skunks Have Babies? When do the babies leave the nest? 1. Squirrels have babies twice a year, from March to April & July to August. 2. Raccoons February, March, April, and as late as August. 3. Skunks will give birth in late April & May.

What’s The Best Time Of Year To Remove Squirrels and Raccoons?

Baby Raccoon Removal

Baby Raccoon Removal

Humane removal of raccoons

Baby Squirrel Removal

Baby Squirrel Removal

Humane removal of squirrel babies

Squirrel Baby Season happens twice a year – It’s best to remove squirrels and the nest as soon as you discover the problem. The trick is how to know if there are baby squirrels in the attic.

The easiest time to remove squirrels and raccoons for a wildlife company is when the babies are fully mobile and exiting out with the mother; it really is the most humane approach but not a practical choice for homeowners.

For customers and residents dealing with the constant scratching and baby sounds it’s better to get the raccoon or squirrel mother and babies out sooner than later, before the family gets too familiar with the property, causing more damage and further soiling the attic insulation.

During the latter part of the winter to the early months of the spring and from the middle part of the summer to the early portion of the fall you can expect baby squirrels and raccoons. This is good to know when hiring a wildlife control company.

Each litter includes an average of two to five babies. Once the babies are born, the mothers become extremely protective, defending the nesting area when necessary. Their teeth are very sharp and can inflict quite a bit of damage.

Although squirrels are quite content to nest in the upper branches of mature trees, they have been known to enter attics in search of a nesting place during squirrel baby season. They are known to burrow beneath homes, porches, decks, sheds, and other buildings in order to find a safe place to nest. If no other suitable place is available, they will burrow beneath wood piles or climb into attics and chimneys to find a quiet spot to set up home.

Attics occasionally serve as an alternative home for squirrels. Squirrels are known to chew through shingles in order to gain access to the attic and wall spaces.

Our staff is skilled at gaining access to the den and at removing baby squirrels and raccoons.

Other Squirrel Facts

How Long Do Squirrels Live & What Are Their Predators?

While forested areas are the natural habitat of squirrels, this animal has adapted well to urban and rural environments as the human population continues to increase, infringing on previously wooded environments. In the wild, squirrels might only live a few years due to the presence of predators, which include foxes, raccoons, hawks, skunks, weasels, and snakes. However, in the city, squirrels can live as long as two decades, which means that they will be around longer than you might like.

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What Do Squirrels Eat?

A squirrel’s diet consists primarily of nuts, seeds, berries, eggs, and insects. However, if these foods are not abundant, squirrels will eat the foods that people eat. Bird feeders are open invitations to squirrels since they provide easy access to one of a squirrel’s favourite foods – seeds.

Discontinuing the use of any bird feeders on your property should help to discourage squirrels from populating your yard.

Getting Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders – Is There Such A Thing?

Squirrel Removal Tips - Squirrel Control Toronto
Squirrel Removal Tips – Squirrel Baby Season

Squirrels bury nuts in the ground during the warmer months of the year so that they will have something to eat during the winter. If they have set up a nesting area inside of your attic, they will store one or more pounds of nuts in the attic for use during the winter months.

1-Affordable Squirrel Removal
Affordable Squirrel Removal – Wildlife Control Reviews Toronto

Mother Squirrel Relocates Babies – Squirrel Baby Season Toronto.

What are the best squirrel baby season removal methods?

It is much easier, cheaper and less stressful to deal with a squirrel problem before the babies are born. At the first sign of a squirrel problem, you should call a wildlife control company. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your house will be protected long-term from squirrels & other nuisance wildlife. Your attic will be protected if you have prevention screening installed in vulnerable spots on your roof.

If it’s too late and baby squirrels are in your attic,  an experienced wildlife removal company will know what to do, and what not to do, to minimize damage and make for a stress-free removal process.

How to know if there are baby squirrels in the attic

Squirrel baby season can be a tricky time of year for dealing with squirrel removals from attics if you are not experienced. It’s the first baby season of the year and little squirrels are starting to become mobile and venturing away from the nest inside and outside of the roof. If you’re lucky all the squirrel babies will be big and strong enough to climb and use the one-way door that’s installed at the point of entry into the attic, which would make for a simple removal process.


Worst case scenario for a customer is when they have to live with the squirrel family in the roof until the babies are eight weeks old, this happens when the squirrels are in an area with no access. This squirrel was the brave one that came out first after the mother was locked out for two days, it took some convincing (mother squirrel being very vocal calling the babies to come out) but the other two babies were soon o follow. That’s another job complete and another happy customer.

The first mating season is January to February, the second in June and July. With a gestation period lasting 44 days and knowing the babies need 8 weeks to become mobile the potential for squirrel babies on a job is high. It’s important to find a wildlife company willing to inspect attics and that also available to rush back to a recently started job to deal with any baby squirrels that may be separated from the mother.

Do Squirrels Carry Rabies

Typically, squirrels do not carry the rabies virus. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about getting this disease from a squirrel bite.
However, the wound can become infected, so you should seek the services of a physician should you get bitten. The best way to avoid getting bitten is to stay away from the nesting area and young squirrels. Older animals are less likely to be inquisitive enough to allow you to get close enough to touch them, whereas young ones are curious and friendly. Mother squirrels are almost always nearby and do attack if you get too close to their offspring.

Encouraging Squirrels to Leave

If squirrels have entered your home or the area beneath it, they can make quite a mess. Their teeth grow continually, so they are always looking for something to chew to help wear them down and prevent them from injuring their bodies. As a result, the structure of your home is at risk of being damaged by this behaviour. In all honesty, the best way to rid your home or business of squirrels is to discourage their presence. First, you should eliminate any food sources that are available. Discontinue using birdfeeders, if you have any. Consider removing berry bushes and nut trees if the squirrel problem is serious. Trim all tree branches that are close to your roof to make it more difficult for squirrels to break into your attic. Secure open vents with sturdy mesh cloth and replace loose shingles on the roof. Once squirrels have moved into your home, you are probably better off bringing in a wildlife control service than trying to remove them on your own. Companies familiar with wildlife control can remove wild animals in a safe and professional manner. Once the animals are removed, the service can seal off entry points and advise you of any other measures that should be taken. Try and keep in mind that squirrels can become aggressive when they feel trapped, so leave the job of removal to wildlife control professionals in the Toronto area.

 List Of When Raccoons, Squirrels & Skunks Have Babies

  1. Mating Season – Squirrels have babies twice a year mating mid-summer and late winter. Skunks mating season is early spring and can get quite smelly if the female being courted is not in a loving mood.
  2. Give Birth –  It takes about 8 weeks for raccoons & 5 1/2 weeks for squirrels to give birth to a litter of babies. Skunks give birth about 60 or more days after mating
  3. Raise Babies – When do baby raccoons leave the nest?  Raccoons, squirrels & skunk babies will be guarded closely in the den by their mother for ten weeks or so before venturing out to learn how to survive.
  4. How to tell if a raccoon is pregnant?  It would be hard to know just by looking at a raccoon to tell if it’s pregnant. You see some very fat raccoons around the city so it’s better to just assume it has babies between March and June. Most people only want to know this information if they’re attempting to evict raccoons on their own, without the use of a professional wildlife removal company.
  5. What month do raccoons have babies? March is usually the earliest we come across baby raccoons but April, May, June are the biggest months for baby removals. We have seen one-week-old babies as late in the season as August. Raccoons go through the mating rituals at the same time each year and many of our customers report extra activity day and night in their attics or yards when it’s baby season. Raccoons in cities are constantly on the hunt for a warm den site that is safe for them to give birth & raise their babies.Raccoons can easily get into most attics. If you have a raccoon on your roof right now, you can expect the problem to get worse if you don’t act fast. The clunking and banging around sound made by raccoons may have been tolerable up until now, but four or five baby raccoons screaming & crying their heads off, while the mother raccoon is out digging through garbages might just be enough to for you to hire a wildlife control company that specializes in baby raccoon removal.
  6. How to tell if a raccoon has babies? Once the babies are born the mother will stay with them for several days feeding them before leaving the nest on her own to feed herself. At this point, you will hear the babies crying for their mother. If the mother gets separated from her babies or trapped outside the attic, she will create a hole anywhere possible to get back inside to protect them.
  7. How to tell if a raccoon is pregnant –

Often people think getting a new roof is the answer to solving a wildlife problem, it really does not work that way, even a brand new roof needs animal proof screens installed around vents, roof intersections and other weak spots not designed to keep out the wildlife. We can’t stress enough the importance of hiring a professional wildlife removal company when babies are involved. AAA Affordable Wildlife Control can humanly deal with the babies, we have a very high success rate of reuniting mother & babies,  every effort is made to keep the squirrel & raccoon babies warm in a temporary “reunion box”, giving the stressed out mothers a chance to regroup and find an alternate den.



What do Baby Raccoons Sound Like?

Vocal sounds coming from your attic, inside your chimney, under your house addition or in your walls are probably baby raccoons. The sound baby raccoon make is easy to recognize but hard to imitate. We refer customers to this short video of a baby raccoon crying for its mother rather than guess at what the noise is waking them up at night.

Raccoons are nocturnal so the mother will be inside sleeping comfortably with the babies all day, therefore the babies will be fed & content meaning you won’t hear them crying for food or momma. When the mother raccoon leaves at night for food and water, and just to stretch her legs and get away from the kids, the babies will cry. Right around the time you’re in the best part of your sleep, raccoon babies will be screaming the loudest for momma.

Finding a wildlife control company skilled at extracting baby raccoons will speed up the removal process so you can get back to your raccoon free space.

What do Baby Raccoons Sound Like?


Identifying Raccoon  Baby Season And Solving It Affordably & Humanely

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control believes firmly in humane baby removal. Trapping and dumping raccoons and skunks far away from their nest without their babies causes huge distress to the animals and is illegal, and possibly spreads diseases like rabies to other areas. Instead, we focus on designing passive prevention systems that work with the instincts of animals, so that they effectively exclude themselves from properties. This means that we can solve infestation issues efficiently. We deliver long-term solutions, not quick fixes – without costing the earth in the process. What Problems Might Arise During The Raccoon Removal Process?

The first step in achieving humane wildlife removal is identifying if babies are involved. All residents should be observant, particularly during the early winter when raccoons, Squirrels & Skunks are preparing to nest. If you spot a raccoon on or near your property, this is a sign that an infestation is likely. At this point, it makes sense to arrange a property inspection for a fee so that you can be sure that there are no problems and also get an estimate for full home wildlife prevention.

How Much Does Raccoon Removal in Toronto Cost
How Much Does Raccoon Removal in Toronto Cost

Most people who experience an infestation usually observe the property damage caused by the raccoons or other wildlife. If you lose any roof shingles, or gutters that become detached, these could be signs of raccoons or squirrels on your property. Has any insulation been torn out, and do you find food waste scraps on the ground of your yard or driveway?

Even the smallest disruption in your home or garden could be evidence of wildlife like raccoons on your property, but there are more concrete ways to diagnose the problem. Whenever you hear a “cooing” noise coming from the attic or cavity walls, this is likely to be baby raccoons nesting in the structure of your home. The same applies to noises on the roof at night.

Whenever you detect the signs of wild animal infestation in Toronto, our trained professionals can be at your door in no time. We will undertake a full survey of your home and draw up a plan for Wildlife Removal in Toronto that will guarantee a humane, long-lasting solution.

Affordable Raccoon Removal From Toronto Attics

Whats The Best Time Of Year To Remove Squirrels and Raccoons?
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Whats The Best Time Of Year To Remove Squirrels and Raccoons?
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