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Dead raccoons can be a common sight for motorists & pedestrians making their way around the GTA, bloated, mangled carrion that’s often unpleasant to the senses. Did you ever wonder how the raccoon died?

The outbreak of raccoon distemper in Toronto in late 2022 is a significant public health crisis for the city. This highly contagious virus, believed to be transmitted through exposure to infected animals or their feces, affected countless raccoons and other wildlife species across the city.

Despite efforts by local authorities to contain and control the outbreak, including quarantines and vaccination programs, the disease continued to spread rapidly. To prevent further human exposure and minimize its impact on the city’s ecosystem, officials took aggressive steps to euthanize infected animals humanely.

While this outbreak concerns residents and is causing economic losses for local wildlife businesses, it also sparked important conversations about animal welfare and conservation in Toronto. As we learn more about the disease and its potential effects, we must continue to prioritize efforts to prevent and control future outbreaks.

Raccoon trappers that catch raccoons in a cage and relocate it to another part of the city contribute to the spread of raccoon distemper. Seeking alternative raccoon control methods, such as installing prevention screens, is a more practical and humane approach to raccoon problems if you do not wish to exacerbate the raccoon distemper problem.

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What do you do if you find a dead raccoon, squirrel, skunk or opossum on your property?

There’s a dead raccoon on the lawn in your backyard. What do you do? Like most people, you probably don’t know what to do. There are a few options:

  1. Call the city for free removal of the dead raccoon – This is most people’s first thought and is the free way to get a dead raccoon, squirrel, skunk or another wild animal that has succumbed to their ailments on your property. The catch is you need to get the dead animal into a garbage or leaf bag and place it at the curb. This is not an option for most people, especially if the animal is decomposing with a bad smell or is not easily accessible, like on top of a roof or underneath a deck.
  2. Call a private animal removal service for faster dead raccoon removal and disposal – Like anything, hiring a company specializing in a particular service is your best and most convenient option. The best dead raccoon removal services can also provide deodorizers and sanitary sprays that can break down and eliminate smells from organic matter. Although this additional service is best discussed at the time of booking if it’s something you feel should be included in the basic service charge.
  3. Let nature take its course – How long raccoons decompose is a common inquiry because many homeowners have a similar issue, specifically with dead raccoons. Depending on the size of the dead animal and atmospheric conditions, it can take weeks for the smell to dissipate. You’re not likely to notice a dead raccoon under your deck in February, but you will undoubtedly be aware of the smell of carrion in the summer months.

The Best Option Is To Call 311 For Dead Raccoon Removal

For Quick Fast, Dead Raccoon Removal, Call A Private Wildlife Control Company

They have the experience and equipment to safely remove the animal without putting themselves in danger. Getting help with dead animal removal is important because of the health risks associated with having a dead animal decomposing in your yard or home.

Getting rid of live raccoons & skunks can sometimes be as simple as cleaning up the property. Keeping things tidy and not giving animals easy access to some shelter might keep the raccoons or skunks from picking your yard to hide when they are sick and dying.

Dealing with a dead animal removal from your property can sometimes be easy if you have the tools, access and most importantly, the stomach. Calling a highly rated wildlife removal service that deals with dead animals as part of their job description is the stress-free way to clean up the smelly problem.

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Affordable Raccoon Removal Cost

Raccoon Removal Cost

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 How much does it cost to do raccoon removal from private property?

  • All animal removal companies in the Greater Toronto Area charge for dead raccoon removal or dead skunk removal. You may be able to get the cost lowered if the dead animal is in an accessible spot, like lying in the backyard. If the animal is lodged in a wall, under decking or in the attic, you can expect to pay the full charge because of the labour to access it.

What can prevent animals like raccoons & skunks from living or dying under my deck or in my chimney?

  • Having prevention screening installed to open chimneys, roof vents, raised decks & sheds will keep raccoons, skunks, squirrels and other wildlife from getting into unwanted areas. Filling small holes and cracks in your home with steel wool and caulking will keep mice, wasps, and even small birds out. Investing a little money in animal-proofing your property is the best way to prevent any wildlife problem.


Dead Raccoons can be a common sight to motorists & pedestrians making their way around the GTA, bloated, mangled carrion that’s often unpleasant to the senses. Bad smells and decaying flesh can decide whether a homeowner is willing to part with hundreds of dollars to remove the problem quickly. The city recommends hiring a private wildlife control company to do the dirty work for a quick remedy for dead animals on private property.


What’s that awful smell, you’re wondering? How long will the smell last? What if there’s no access to the dead animal? How can it be removed?

These are all good questions to ask yourself when dealing with Dead Animal Removal. Sometimes the worst of the dead animal smell is over when a wildlife control company is hired. Removing the potentially diseased animal carcass, whatever state it’s in, will give you peace of mind.

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