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Dead Raccoon Removal in Toronto

Dead raccoons can be a common sight for motorists & pedestrians making their way around the GTA, bloated, mangled carrion that’s often unpleasant to the senses.

What do you do if you find a dead raccoon, squirrel, skunk or opossum on your property

Getting rid of live raccoons & skunks can sometimes be as simple as cleaning up the property. Keeping things tidy and not giving animals easy access to some shelter might keep the raccoons or skunks from picking your yard to hide out when they are sick and dying.

Dealing with a dead animal removal from your property can sometimes be an easy task if you have the tools, access and most importantly, the stomach for it. Calling a highly rated wildlife removal service that deals with dead animals as part of their job description is the stress-free way to clean up the smelly problem.

 How much does it cost for dead raccoon removal from private property?

  • All animal removal companies in Toronto charge for dead raccoon removal in Toronto or dead skunk removal. You may be able to get the cost lowered if the dead animal is in an accessible spot like laying in the backyard. If the animal is lodged in a wall, under decking or in the attic, you can expect to pay the full charge.

What can be done to prevent animals like raccoons & skunks from living or dying under my deck or in my chimney?

  • Having prevention screening installed to open chimneys, roof vents, raised decks & sheds will keep raccoons, skunks, squirrels and other wildlife from getting into unwanted areas. Filling small holes and cracks in your home with steel wool and chaulking will keep mice, wasps, and even small birds out. Investing a little money in animal proofing your property is the best way to prevent any wildlife problem.



Dead Raccoons can be a common site to motorist & pedestrians making their way around the GTA, bloated, mangled carrion that’s often unpleasant to the senses. Bad smells and decaying flesh can be the deciding factors on weather a homeowner is willing to part with hundreds of dollars to get to problem removed fast. Hiring a private company to do the dirty work is what’s recommend by the city for a quick remedy to dead animals on private property.


Whats that awful smell you’re wondering? How long will the smell last? What if there’s  no access to the dead animal, how can it be removed?

All good questions to ask yourself when dealing with Dead Animal Removal. Sometimes the worst of the dead animal  smell is over by the time a wildlife control company is hired. Getting the potentially diseased animal carcass removed, whatever state it’s in will give you piece of mind

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Dead Animal Removal Service Toronto. We Remove Dead Raccoons, Squirrels & Skunks. Call for Affordable Dead Raccoon, Skunk & Squirrel Removal. Calling a wildlife removal service that deals with dead animals as part of their job description is the stress free way to clean up the smelly problem.

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